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Apple introduced the Mac mini in January of 2005 as the smallest and least expensive desktop Macintosh ever. This line of Macintosh computers was originally built on the PowerPC G4 processor family, but was later transitioned to using Intel Core chips. In 2010, Apple redeigned the Mac Mini to an Aluiminium Unibody Enclosure.




Mac Mini (Unibody)

On 15th June 2010, the newly redesigned iMacs quietly appeared on the Apple Store. The biggest change with these new Mac Minis was the inclusion of HDMI, a first for an Apple computer. The new Mac Mini had slight specs bumps and an increase of $100 on the base model.

Mac mini (Intel)

On February 28, 2006, an Intel based Mac mini was announced, using both Core Solo and Core Duo processors. Currently, the Mac mini uses Core 2 Duo processors.

Mac mini (PPC)

Several models were released using a G4 processor.


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