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These instructions allow users to place Guide links to the top of individual forum listings in MacRumors Forums.

Simply visit the forum you would like to add links to, and click on Edit or Add Guides near the top of the forum (under Announcements), and you will taken to that forum's individual wiki page that you may edit.

The format of the page is a list of comma separated links in the following format:

[[MacGuide_URL | Link text]]

The Link text is optional. For example, the following would create 3 links:

[[Help:MacRumors_FAQ|MacRumors Frequently Asked Questions]], [[IBook]], [[Taking_Screenshots_in_Mac_OS_X|Mac OS X Screenshots]]

It would appear like this:

Be sure to test your links!

Important: Any changes made to Guide links will not be reflected on the forum site for a period of at least 15 minutes and may take up to several hours.