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Mac Gaming Links

A list of Mac gaming resources. There will be errors and as time goes by outdated links. If you let me know I'll be happy to update, especially for expired links! If your a game publisher, and would like the info for your company tweaked, feel free to send me a Private Message. See the Mac Steam Section created in May 2010. -Huntn (Dave Peck). Associated MacRumors Thread.



  • 30Oct- Added Tropico 4, Bioshock Infinite, X-Plane 10, and System Shock 2 links under MacGame links section.
  • 29Oct- Added Portal and Portal 2 link.
  • 28Oct- Established Archive section. Pruned outdated links. Added pics.
  • 27Oct- Added some MacRumors Forum Mavericks Gaming thread links.
  • 10/24- Added link under MacRumor Threads on How to Install a Play Station emulator, PSCX. (Added Oct2013)
  • 10/9- Added Vendetta Online Link under Mac Game section. Added MacBook Air 2013 Game Performance thread link under MacRumors Game threads. Added Minecraft link under Mac Game Links.
  • 1/18- Added Wargame European Escalation link to News and Mac Game sections. Reorganized section listings.
  • 1/16- Added link and MacGamerHQ under Gaming Sites. Added Big Fish Games and Electronic Arts under Game Companies. Added Game News Section. Added New Mac Releases under Mac Retailers. Added Wiki list of Mac Games under Misc Good Links.
  • 1/15/13- Added FTL Guide Links under Specific Games Section. Updated Mac Gaming Thread Section. Checked article for bad links.
  • 12/16/08- List posted on MacRumors and links verified.

Mac Gaming News New and Old

Jaquar- My Fav Toon, WoW (2004-today)
Jaquar- My Fav Toon, WoW (2004-today)

Mac Game Links

Borderlands 2 Mac 2013
Borderlands 2 Mac 2013


FTL 2013
FTL 2013

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  • MacAppStore. 10/13
  • 9 Plants vs Zombies]. 10/13
  • Angry Birds. 10/13
  • Realore Games 1/13

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