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The MacRumors IRC channel is a place for all to talk about the latest Mac rumors, ask for computer help, and chat around the virtual water cooler. You can drop by by using an IRC client to connect to:

channel: #macrumors

The channel has chat guidelines; please keep them in mind while chatting. Please feel free to give us a visit if you have any questions.


How to connect

For most users, the MRChat application will work fine (currently a PPC application). For those people who do not want to download an IRC client, a limited-function Java-based IRC client applet is available. During special events with IRC coverage, the main channel will often be moderated so only certain people can speak. In this event, there is another channel for open discussions that usually requires a more advanced IRC client than MRChat or the Java-based client.


MRChat is a special OpenMac based IRC client that is designed to connect to only the MacRumors IRC channel. Designed with simplicity in mind, it has support for only joining one channel, private messaging, a "buddy list" and basic IRC features like CTCP requests and an ignore feature. Setup is quick: simply unzip the file, open the application, and enter the nickname you want to use. MRChat will do everything else for you, and if you have any questions, the file called ReadMe is a good place to start. Requires Mac OS X 10.1 or above, and a working internet connection.

List of IRC Clients

There are many IRC clients, simple and advanced, for other operating systems. Some of them are free, some are open source, some are shareware, some good, and some bad. Each one is different, so try a couple out before deciding on one. Some entries are listed more than once for clarification.

Mac OS X


*nix (with the X Window System)

Mac OS 8/9 and earlier

Multiplatform and Java-based

Cellphones (with J2ME support)

Miscellaneous Clients

IRC Intros, FAQs, Help

IRC can be a wild place for someone with limited experience. The following links can perhaps help you on your way to becoming comfortable with IRC. However, please consult the documentation that came with your specific IRC client if you have problems, as the following links are general to IRC and may not work with your client.