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This is an alphabetical list of applications available for Mac OS X in a variety of categories.


Application Launchers

Application Launchers are simple utilities that usually make it faster to open an application hidden in your /Applications folder without crowding your dock. They're usually faster than Spotlight and have other functions besides app launching that make them much more useful, though sometimes their user interface is so minimal it can be difficult to figure them out at first, once you do learn to use them, you can sometimes feel blind using a computer that doesn't have your favorite application launcher installed.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
Butler Many Tricks Free (Donationware) Highly configurable app launcher that can also run AppleScripts.
Quicksilver Blacktree Free Open source highly configurable app launcher that can also run AppleScripts and Terminal commands and perform Actions via plug-ins and do lightweight file management. It learns you most often used applications and allows you to launch them via keyboard shortcuts or via the normal interface. The UI is also very minimal making it difficult to learn. Guide.
Sapiens Donelleschi Software $19.95 Cursor driven app launcher that gives you quick access to your most often used applications by making a circle with the mouse/trackpad cursor and by learning what your most often used applications are.


These programs allow you to browse the internet.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
Camino Mozilla Free Mac only fast Cocoa based browser from the makers of Firefox.
Chrome Google Free Google's new web browser
Firefox Mozilla Free Cross platform highly extensible browser.
Omniweb Omnigroup Now Free Mac only browser based on a modified webkit engine.
Opera Opera Free Cross platform; also handles email and feeds.
Safari Apple With OS X Apple's default web browser
Shiira Shiira Free A WebKit based browser for Mac OS X.

Business and Office Applications

Applications commonly used in professional communications, office correspondence, and running a business. These include software applications for composing documents, creating presentations, managing spreadsheets, and productivity tools.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
AbiWord AbiSource Free AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft® Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks.
Circus Ponies NoteBook Circus Ponies Software, Inc. $49.95, $39.95 Academic NoteBook is a free-form database that can store all the different parts of a project (e-mails, to dos, notes, PDFs, documents, contacts). Full-featured outliner and notebook metaphor keep everything organized. Multidex search feature makes it easy to locate any note or document. Similar to OneNote for you Windows switchers.
Daylite Daylite3 CRM $189 Full featured CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for professionals and small to medium sized businesses. Includes project management modules, contact management, calendar, mail merge, lead & opportunity management, reporting. A great replacement for ACT for you switchers! Plugins available extend functionality to OS X Mail integration and billing.
iDocument IcyBlaze iDocument $34.95 IcyBlaze's latest document management software, pdf manager and ebook manager.
iWork Apple $79 Apple's Office Suite, includes Keynote (Presentations), Pages (DTP and Word Processing), and Numbers (Spreadsheets and Charts).
Microsoft Office Microsoft $149 EDU/$399 Standard Microsoft's comprehenisve office suite
NeoOffice NeoOffice Free Free office suite based on OpenOffice, can open OpenXML (Office 2007) documents.
OmniGraffle The Omni Group $79.95 Standard/$149.95 Pro Premier Diagramming Software for Mac OS X, the Professional edition also has Visio support among other features.
OmniOutliner The Omni Group $39.95 Standard/$69.95 Pro Outline application that's also great for taking, organizing, and searching notes. Free Version 3 for Intel Macs is a native (no longer uses X11) office suite that is closely compatible with Microsoft Office

Drawing Applications

These programs allow you do draw pictures on your Mac.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
EazyDraw Dekorra Optics LLC $95 A powerful vector drawing program inspired by MacDraw
Intaglio Purgatory Design $89 A Powerful and well integrated vector drawing program
Lumin BlackwoodApps $4.99 A drawing and animation app stylized like a Lite-Brite toy.
Paintbrush Michael Schreiber Free A Basic easy-to-use Paint application for the Mac.
Pixelmator Pixelmator $59 A moderately advanced image editing application, similar to Adobe Photoshop Elements.
Seashore Mark Pazolli Free Open source image editor based on GIMP, but far less complex.
VectorDesigner TweakerSoft $70 A vector drawing application designed to be simple, intuitive and powerful to use.

Feed Readers

These programs pull content feeds off of a server, such as blogs, news websites, and rumor sites. They can also pull audio and video content and offer a way to sort and filter content as well.

Program Name Latest Version Developer Supports Price Comments
NetNewsWire 3.1.6 NewsGator Atom/RSS Free Can sync with the free online NewsGator and makes it easy to add search engine and social bookmark feeds from directly in NetNewsWire. Also works with desktop social bookmark clients and MarsEdit.
NewsFire 1.5 v72 David Watanabe Atom/RSS Free Lightweight feed reader from David Watanabe.
Vienna 2.2.2 Vienna Atom/RSS Free Open Source newsreader for Mac OS X.

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FTP Clients

These programs allow you to send files to and receive files from remote computers.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
Cyberduck Cyberduck Free Free FTP/SFTP Client
Fetch FetchSoftworks $25 An easy to use FTP client with features such as automatic support for many common archive formats and image and text editing directly on the server. A 15 day trial is available.
Interarchy nolobe $59 Powerful and versatile FTP tool.
Transmit Panic $30 (shareware) Full-featured FTP client.
YummyFTP YummySoftware $25 Robust FTP applicaton with file sync, scheduling, remote editing, filtering, and more.
Flow ExtendMac $25 Elegant, intuitive and powerful file transfer.


These allow you to have fun on your Mac.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
Mine Swept Malarkey Software Free Mine Sweeper clone
Quinn Quinn Free A falling blocks game, like Tetris.

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Instant Messaging and Communication

These applications allow you to communicate with other people.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
aMSN aMSN Project Free An open source MSN client
Adium Adium Free Instant messaging client that connects to practically every IM network.
iChat Apple With OS X Instant messaging client included with Mac OS X, supports 3 way video chat, works with AIM and Jabber on other platforms.
Colloquy Colloquy Free A good IRC client.
Skype Skype Free Skype client for Mac OS X, supports video chat.

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Media Conversion/Importing Applications

iTunes can import audio CDs but to import DVDs and to convert videos from one format to another you need another application.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
FFMpegX Major $15 (shareware) Front end application for command line based FFMPEG, can convert practically anything.
Handbrake Handbrake Free Program that rips DVD's for use with the Apple TV and iPod.
iSquint iSquint Free Video converter for the iPod, faster than Quicktime.
Mac The Ripper Mac The Ripper Free Rips DVD's to your hard drive
MPEG Streamclip Squared 5 Free Converts videos between a large number of formats.

Mac Maintenance and Backup Applications

These applications allow you to backup data and maintain your Mac.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
CleanGenius EaseUS $29.95 (Shareware) Application for cleaning your Mac, proper uninstalling applications, ejecting removable devices.
AppDelete AppDelete $5 (Shareware) Application for uninstalling other applications properly.
AppZapper AppZapper $13 Application for uninstalling other applications properly.
Disk Drill CleverFiles Free Application for data recovery on your Mac
Onyx Titanium Software Free Application for maintaining your Mac.
Superduper! Shirt Pocket $27.95 (Shareware) Application for backing up your Mac.
Tracker Tracker $45.00 (with 14 other applications) Can track anything happening on your Mac - to uninstall other applications, to do anything.

Media Players

These applications allow you to listen to music and watch video on your Mac.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
Cog Sourceforge Free Simple fast music player that plays lots formats, playlist based.
Elmedia Player Eltima Software Free Media player that can play almost all video formats.
Flip4Mac Flip4Mac Free Allows you to play wmv videos with Quicktime
iTunes Apple With OS X World famous Jukebox software for organising music, podcasts and video.
mPlayer The MPlayer Project Free Media player that can play a huge number of formats.
Perian Perian Free Adds a lot more format support to quicktime so it can play a lot more kinds of video.
QTAmateur Michael Ash Free Simple QuickTime based player.
VLC VLC Free Media player that can play a huge number of formats.

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These programs allow you to download files from other users over the Internet.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
Acquisition Xlife $20 Native Mac interface on top of Limewire's P2P Core
Folx Eltima Software Free Torrent client for Mac
Mojo Deusty $10.95 Allows you to connect to your friends' iTunes library over the Internet or local network and download songs.
Transmission m0k Free Lightweight BitTorrent client for OS X
Xtorrent Pro Xlife $20 Powerful BitTorrent client for Mac

Personal Organization

These programs help manage your life including calendar and address book applications.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
Address Book Apple With OS X. Address book application included with Mac OS X
Address Book Server From £15.00 for 2 Users onwards Share contacts from Address Book and events and tasks from iCal with other users on same mac or network. Contacts are stored on your own Address Book Server, letting you maintain control. Integration potential with relational database also provided.
Address Book X LDAP £15.00 Transfer contacts from Address Book to central LDAP directory. The LDAP directory is updated as changes are made to the local Address book.
Alarm Clock Robbie Hanson Free Easy to use alarm clock with timer and stopwatch
Circus Ponies NoteBook Circus Ponies Software, Inc. $49.95, $39.95 Academic NoteBook is a free-form database that stores all the bits of information that don't have a good home, like web clippings, notes, and other things that wind up on your desktop or in stickies. Full-featured outliner and notebook metaphor keep everything organized. Multidex search feature makes it easy to locate any note or document. Similar to OneNote for you Windows switchers. NoteBook was chosen as an "Apple Staff Pick".
Cram SimpleLeap Software $29.99 Flashcard and multiple-choice testing app that uses images and sound to help prepare users for any kind of test material. Cram for Mac was chosen as a "Apple Staff Pick".
Entourage Microsoft With MS Office ($149 EDU/$399) Microsofts e-mail/calendar/address book application
iCal Apple With OS X Calendar application included with Mac OS X
iProcrastinate Craig Otis Free Assignment organisation application mainly aimed at students.
iSync Apple With OS X 1-Click Mobile Phone syncing with Address Book/iCal, check if your phone is compatible with the devices list.
To-do Lists AntLogic $2.99 Nice and handy to-do list management software, designed to be one-click quick for managing your tasks. Can be synced with iCal and other computers via DropBox
OmniFocus The Omni Group $79.95 Project and Action management software from the OmniGroup that was developed with input from Merlin Mann following the principles outlined in "Getting Things Done" by David Allen.

Photography Software

Program Name Developer Price Comments
Aperture Apple $199 Professional Photo organisation software
iPhoto Apple With Mac/$79 with iLife Basic photo editing and organisation software
Photoshop Lightroom Adobe $299 Professional Photo organisation software


These applications help you with developing new applications.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
ACP ACP $79 (subscription) Comprehensive arsenal of tools for the systems developer and administrator.
Eclipse Eclipse Project Free Free well featured Java development package has plugin support for programming in other languages too.
TextMate MacroMates €39 Popular localized text editor.
BBEdit Bare Bones Software $125 Professional HTML and text editor.
Xcode Apple Free with Mac and Free ADC membership Apple's development suite, best for Cocoa/Carbon but also supports Java, installing it also installs the Unix developer tools (make, gcc et al).

Scientific Applications

Software used in the sciences for scientific research and learning.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
The Atomic Dashboard Bitwixt Software Systems LLC $14.99 The Atomic Dashboard is an interactive chemistry resource and learning tool developed for the Mac by Bitwixt Software Systems. Used by educators, students, scientists, and the simply curious, The Atomic Dashboard features an interactive periodic table that lets you explore the chemical elements – their properties, periodic trends, history, and relevance to society. And more exciting, with its new 3D Molecule Library, and its physics-based, 3D models of atomic orbitals, molecules, compounds, gases, and crystals, The Atomic Dashboard helps you explore the relationships between the behavior of atoms and molecules and their 3D structure.
Grapher Apple With OS X 2D and 3D graphing program that draws graphs from simple curves to differential equations and vector fields.
Mathematica Wolfram Research $1880 (Standard) $140 (Student) Mathematical application for conducting scientific research.
MATLAB MathWorks $1900 (Standard) $100 (Student) Mathematical application for conducting scientific research, best for calculations involving vectors and matrices.

Sports Applications

Sports-related software.

Program Name Developer Price Comments
VirtuaScore Basketball BlackwoodApps $9.99 A basketball scoreboard and controller.
VirtuaScore Tennis BlackwoodApps $9.99 A tennis scoreboard and controller.
VirtuaScore Volleyball BlackwoodApps $9.99 A volleyball scoreboard and controller.

Web Development

Software used for making websites

Program Name Developer Price Comments
BBEdit Bare Bones $125 Individual, $49 Educational "The leading professional HTML and text editor for the Macintosh. Specifically crafted in response to the needs of Web authors and software developers, this award-winning product provides an abundance of high-performance features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text." (The free version of BBEdit is TextWrangler.)
Coda Panic $79 (normally $99)

There is also $10 off for Transmit 3 owners.

New All-in-one Web development and uploading application from Panic, with Live Preview of your website.
Dreamweaver Adobe $399 (upgrade $199)

Also part of some of the Adobe CS3 suites.

The professional web development application with a huge number of features.
iWeb Apple Free with a new Mac/Part of iLife ($79) Simple WYSIWYG website creation application that is part of iLife, it is easier to create sites that work with .Mac, though you can use another web host fairly easily.
KompoZer KompoZer Free KompoZer is a complete web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing.
Rapidweaver Realmac Software $40 More advanced WYSIWYG application that has lots of templates and is more flexible than iWeb.
skEdit skti $34.95 Text Editor with code completion, code folding, project manager, S/FTP, subversion integration, snippets and user scripts. Produced by Apple software engineer Sean Kelly.
Taco Html Edit Taco Software Free HTML editor with syntax colouring and live preview.
TextWrangler Bare Bones Free Powerful, general purpose text editor, and Unix and server administrator’s tool. The free version of BBEdit.

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