List of Applications Not Compatible with Leopard

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This article or section is based on a forum post written by alFR.

Below is a list of applications not performing well under Leopard. This article is split into three sections; Applications with major problems, applications with minor issues, and applications now fully Leopard compatible. This list has been rechecked on the 13th February 2008.

Older software which has not been updated to the latest version may also experience issues. Make sure you've downloaded all the available software updates for your applications before testing them under Leopard.


Applications with unknown status

As Leopard has been out for a while, some applications aren't making Leopard compatibility clear on their websites and have unknown support for Leopard:

  • CleanGenius Free - Could be installed and run on Leopard, but most features do not work properly.
  • GCALDaemon - Unable to sync Google Calendar with iCal (due to the new file format that it uses).
  • Various Growl Plugins - Apparently growlnotify, GrowlMail, GrowlTunes etc do not work, but they may well have been fixed.
  • iGTD - iCal sync problems
  • QuickVerse - Most features do not work with Leopard; developer asking users to "wait one month" before upgrading to Leopard to give them time to put out updates.
  • Synergy - (keyboard & mouse sharing, NOT the iTunes controller) Uses 10.2.8 SDK and a lot of calls that are deprecated. Refuses to even start. Recompiling from in Xcode 3 does NOT fix. Compiling raw UNIX source does NOT fix. Update: SynergyKM DOES work under Leopard. But the Sourceforge project needs some serious TLC.
  • Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line - Requires a simple manual fix using TextEdit in order to launch. Should be fully compatible, but support unknown.

Applications with major issues

  • Acidsearch 0.7 Beta 2 is ready to download, very buggy though. I havnt had a chance to test it yet. Check sites news section for more details
  • AlchemyTV - A fix will be coming, but no timetable for it
  • Application Enhancer by Unsanity Current version works but earlier versions cause the blue screen issue when upgrading to Leopard, forcing the user to have to remove the files manually or perform an archive and install. Many haxies may not be compatible with Leopard.
  • GroupCal - SnerdWare will provide an update in the 1st Quarter 2008
  • iGrabNews - almost inoperative. Author can not be contacted, so no Leopard version should be expected.
  • Jon's Phone Tool Not compatible, but a rewritten dialing application Dialectic is - released April 2008.
  • Mail Act-On (Mail plugin) Doesn't load, like all other Mail plugins. Public Beta now available from website.
  • Mail.appetizer (Mail Plugin) unlikely to be supported, as last release only just added Tiger support and was in 2005
  • Max - v0.7.1 doesn't output anything, developer working on compatibility with the unstable version available
  • Mirror widget - Does not work with Leopard (uses QuartzComposer in a way that Leopard does not allow).
  • One Finger Snap - still not fixed, no release schedule given.
  • OSS 3D - Does not process audio, beta version 2.3b7 does support Leopard
  • Palm Desktop - The iSync PalmOS plugin is broken. Cannot synch with Addressbook and iCal anymore. Not sure if still broken, but almost certainly so.
  • Safari Extender - Not yet Leopard compatible. Contextual menu appears but doesn't allow tab sets to be created
  • Saft - Working on Snow Leopard version according to site.
  • Sogudi (Safari plugin) (Leopard + Safari 3 beta available)
  • TouchGraph Weird because it worked fine in Safari 3.0x under Tiger, Still seems to crash
  • UNO - Apple script error, then '10.5 found, UNO will now exit' message. UNO is intended for Tiger only, as Leopard has a Unified theme.
  • Ventrilo - works but some features disabled, doesn't seem to have an update yet.
  • Volume Logic For iTunes - Support Has been dropped

Applications with minor issues under Leopard

  • Cisco VPN - (Version or higher) Requires reinstall if Archive & Install used.
  • DNSUpdate - Daemon (In /Library/LaunchDaemons) won't launch unless you chown it to root:wheel (or re-install), but then it works perfectly.
  • Flex Builder - You will need to reinstall the Flash Debugger to get it to work.
  • Flying Buttress - The StartUp Item needs some tweaking to work under Leopard. See the app's support forum for manual tweak method pending a Leopard compatible release.
  • Gimp - (Version 2.4 RC3 Intel or higher) Will launch, but creates multiple X11 icons.
  • InsomniaX - Legacy version on websites download list will function on Leopard as will latest beta version.
  • MagiCal - Unable to access the preferences menu. Alpha release now available
  • Microsoft Office 2004 - Windows get glitchy when used with Spaces.
  • Motion 3 - May or may not require a reinstall. Uninstall and reinstall if you receive an Ozone plugin error.
  • NUDC - Now Up-to-Date and Contact: QuickDay and QuickContact no longer appear in Menu Bar. Beta version 5.3.2b3 now available.
  • World of Warcraft - Playing the game in a windowed mode will lag Expose, Spaces and Dock have clipping issues when overlaid with game window.

Applications that work, but previous versions have issues

  • Adobe Acrobat 7 (refuses to print PDFs)
  • Adobe Photoshop 7 and below (do not work at all with Leopard)
  • Adobe CS3 - links to a pdf where Adobe outlines what will work and what won't, most updates are now available.
  • AOL for Mac OS X - crashing issues fixed in 10.5.2. New, Universal version (AOL Desktop for Mac) in beta.
  • Aperture Apple: Aperture should not be run at the same time as Time Machine. Fixed with Mac OS X 10.5.2 and I imagine Aperture 2.0.
  • AppZapper Should now be compatible.
  • Azureus Conflicts with airport driver in previous version, now appears to be OK.
  • BOINC Compatability issues fixed in version 5.10
  • Butler - new version 4.1.3 fixes Leopard bugs
  • Installers appeared to have been updated shortly following release.
  • Crossover
  • Digital Performer Issues fixed in version 5.13
  • DiskWarrior - Version 4.1 fixes issues
  • Eclipse - Versions 3.2.* will create a clone dock icon when launched.
  • Fan Control - does not increase fan speeds.
  • FileMaker Pro 9 - Version 9.0v3 is now available for FM9 and FMAdvanced 9. Version 8.5 not stable with Leopard if used in non US-English regions. 8.5 update expected in December 2007, versions earlier than 8.5 will not be tested or patched and will not be certified with Leopard.
  • FileMaker Server 9 - Version 9.0v3 works on Leopard, there is a Leopard specific update (see Release Notes)
  • Final Cut Express Version 3.5 not supported. Version 3.5.1 or later required. See Support Article 307144
  • Final Cut Pro Version 4.5 not supported. Version 5.1.4 or later required. See Support Article 307092
  • HoudahSpot 2.0 - HoudahSpot 2.0 is a Leopard-only application. HoudahSpot 1.5 is now freeware for Tiger users.
  • iCal Events Widget New version 2.3 works with Leopard.
  • iDefrag - Version 1.6.5 fixes Leopard issues.
  • Intech Hi-Cap driver - Fixed
  • Intel C/C++ Compiler - When compiling you may need to add the flag "-no-multibyte-chars" to the C and C++ compilers. But should now be fully compatible.
  • Intel Fortran Compiler - When compiling you may need to set optimisations to -O1 to stop memory errors in 'optimised loops' can/will occur. But should now be fully compatible.
  • iScroll2 Version 0.30 Released 11-13. Should now be compatible.
  • jgrasp Version 1.8.6_05 fixes compatibility issues.
  • HttpMail working version out now, mileage will vary
  • Last FM client Client now updated and compatible!
  • Lingon - Version 2 works with Leopard, 2.0.2 fixed bugs.
  • mFurc (game) Fills stack and crashes on load. Full support in version 3.1 and later.
  • myDVDEdit - version 0.9.10 now Leopard compatible
  • Mail Unread Bundle Now Leopard compatible
  • MissingSync - Compatibility updates all available.
  • Mercury Messenger - Compatibility fixed in version 1.9
  • Nokia Multimedia Transfer - Fixed
  • Onyx - Latest version works with Leopard
  • PandoraBoy - Text fields not accessible. Fixed in version 0.4 and later.
  • Papers - Leopard compatibility available in v1.5.1
  • Perian - Full Leopard compatibility available in v1.1
  • PithHelmet Now fully Leopard compatible according to the developer, if you have any problems contact them.
  • Postfix Enabler replaced with Mail Server for Leopard
  • Popcorn Version 3.0.2 supports Leopard.
  • PureFTPd Manager previously: (won't launch, developer working on it. Server itself still works.) - now v 1.7: fixed!
  • Quark 6.52 - Aligning items and changing type sizes sometimes crashes application. Printing files with Verdana PS font may default to Courier. Exporting pdfs requires a workaround. Renaming pdf exports is buggy. Quark has released 7.31 for Leopard compatibility.
  • Quicksilver - Versions older than 1.0b53 - Icon won't remove from dock as well as a nasty bug that took down their update server (reference). Direct link to latest version
  • Saft (Safari Plugin) Working Leopard Version is now available; make sure SIMBL is up-to-date.
  • Shrook RSS Reader Now compatible.
  • Sidetrack -version 1.6 supports Leopard
  • Skype - Version 2.6 works.
  • SRS iWOW The previous version of iWOW did not work at all on Leopard. The currently updated version works on both PPC and Intel Macs. at least as of the time of writing (iTunes 7.5 and Mac OS 10.5.1).
  • SuperDuper! - Version 2.5 is fully Leopard compatible.
  • ToolPlayer - v0.2 Leopard compatible version available
  • Transmission - Now fully Leopard Compatible.
  • Unity (game development system) - Unity games (standalone and web) run fine, but Unity editor (1.x and 2.0) has problems/crashes for some. An update of 2.0 with Leopard support is now available. There are no current plans to update Unity 1.x.
  • Vectorworks - Version 2008 with service pack 1 is compatible, Version 12.5.3 is compatible
  • VersionTracker Pro - Version 4.5 is fully compatible with Leopard.
  • VPN Tracker - Versions earlier than 5.0 will not work. Version 5 is Leopard compatible and released on 12/5/2007
  • Xtorrent - should be Leopard compatible now.
  • Konfabulator - Version 4.5 now Leopard Compatible
  • Xee - fullscreen didn't work until 10.5.2