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LightScribe is a technology developed by HP to label recordable CDs and DVDs using a burner.

If the vendor of your LightScribe drive does not support the Mac, you can use the LightScribe capabilities with a program like disclabel and the HP LightScribe driver also available from the disclabel download page.


  • To use the light scribe feature, you must flip the disc over for the drive's laser to 'record' the image on the other side.
  • Burning an image onto the disc label can take quite a long time. Approximately 15 minutes using the highest image quality setting.
  • You must use Lightscribe media. Ordinary blank CDs and DVDs will not work.
  • LightScribe discs can be written to multiple times to either add to an existing photo (images cannot be erased) or to darken the same photo by overwriting it again with the laser.

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