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Keynote is Apple's software for creating presentations. Keynote 1.0 was released as a standalone application, while later versions were sold as part of iWork.


Keynote '08

As usual, Keynote '08 was introduced in the new iWork package, iWork '08, on August 7, 2007.

Several significant new features were added such as new transitions and text effects, voice over recordings so users can have a voice over running to the presentation, smooth A to B animations, "Instant Alpha" for quick background removal and new templates.

Keynote 3

Keynote 3 was introduced as part of iWork '06 on January 10, 2006.

In addition to new templates, effects and transition, HD capabilities were added, as well as new spreadsheet-like functions and a "Light Table" view.

Keynote 2

Released on January 11, 2005, Keynote 2 was the second revision to the Keynote application and aimed to narrow the gap between Keynote and Microsoft's PowerPoint application.

Keynote 2 boasted new features and functionality which played to it's professional feel. New themes and templates were added and enhanced customisation was added such as automated animations instead of having to use a mouse click.

Keynote 1

Keynote first began life as a software application for Apple's CEO Steve Jobs to use in Keynote presentations. Eventually, Apple decided to release Keynote 1 as a publicly available application. Keynote 1 was instantly compared to Microsoft PowerPoint and while it succeeded in making it easy to create professional looking presentations, it was lacking in many areas, most notably, slide navigation, animation and slide timing.


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