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Jesse Tortora is an analyst with Prudential Equity Group.

Current Predictions

  • Dec 2006.
    • (long-term) Apple may be developing a game console "morphed" out of a combination of the existing Mac mini and iTV, as well as the possibility of a handheld gaming device based on the iPod [1]. Status: unknown

Past Predictions

  • Mar 2007
    • "We believe that Adobe’s CS3 and Apple’s Leopard OS will be released simultaneously at the end of March, about 1-2 months ahead of Street expectations" [2] Status: False. Leopard has been delayed to October 2007.
  • Jan 2007
    • The next gen video iPod[s] are expected to include a wider touch screen, wi-fi and GPS [3] Status: Mostly True, the iPod Touch has a wider touch screen and WiFi, but no GPS.
    • Our checks indicate that Apple may not proceed with its next generation hard disk drive (HDD) based video iPod design, transitioning instead to NAND flash as soon as late '07. [4] Status: False - iPod Classic still has a hard drive.
  • Dec 2006
    • Tortora also told clients he expects volume production of a widescreen iPod to begin in the first quarter of 2007 with availability shortly thereafter. [5] Status: Mostly False iPhone was released in June, but iPod Touch wasn't released until September.
    • Prudential’s Jesse Tortora asserted that “the production ramp has already begun” in small quantities for an Apple slim phone to be available for sale late in the first quarter of next year, or early in the second quarter. [6] Status: False
    • The smart phone will contain camera functionality along with additional features that the slim phone does not have such as wi-fi and video capabilities. [7]. Status: Partially True - While true, there is no slim phone.
    • Tortora said the iPhone device, which he calls a "slim music phone," will pack camera functionality and be GSM/GPRS network compatible. Meanwhile, he said Apple is also working on a smart phone device with a larger OLED-based display and a sliding keyboard that will be WCDMA compatible to allow for higher bandwidth. [8]. Status: False
    • Prudential analyst Jesse Tortora said the first and slimmer of Apple's initial two cell phone models will look like an iPod with a small screen and a click wheel interface. [9]. Status: False - The iPhone featured a touch screen.
  • Oct 2006.
    • Apple's entry into the phone market would come in two forms. One model is expected to be a "smart phone" with integrated keyboard, video and music capabilities while the other model would be a slimmer phone that just played music. [10] Status: False. As of MWSF 2007, only smart iPhone models have yet been announced.