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The following method uses Zibri's 'ZiPhone 3.0 for Windows' to jailbreak your iPod. There are other methods available (See 'External Links'), but the author of this guide finds ZiPhone to be the simplest method.


Background Information

Jailbreaking is a method used to allow third party applications to be installed on your iPod Touch. Once your iPod is jailbroken, an 'Installer' application is placed on your iPod. Through that, you can install all the applications you desire.

NOTE: It is impossible to 'Brick' (render entirely useless) an iPod Touch. If you encounter seemingly unrecoverable difficulties, simply restore.

Step-by-Step Guide to Jailbreaking

First-Generation iPod touch

1. Download the latest copy of ZiPhone from this address.

2. Run the application.

3. Plug in your iPod Touch (Currently up to, and including 1.1.4 is supported, on all models of the iPod Touch.)

4. Click the 'Jailbreak - iPod Also Supported' button (in the Mac version, it's the 'Jailbreak' button under the 'iPhone/iPod Touch heading)

5. Sit back, and wait. White text appearing on your iPod is normal. It should take no longer than a minute and a half. If it takes longer than 3 minutes, somthing is probably wrong. Stop the process (using the 'Stop Process' button), restore, and try again.

6. Your done when your iPod boots to the main screen, and ZiPhone says 'Done'.

7. Congratulations! Now, use the 'Installer' app to install all the programs you need!

Second-Generation iPod touch

(coming soon)

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