Identifying Fonts

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Following are some resources that can help you to identify typefaces.

  • IdentiFont works by asking a series of questions about the appearance of your text. Searches can be restricted to certain characters if you only have a small sample.
  • Linotype FontIdentifier is based on the same technology as IdentiFont, but it can offer a different selection of matches.
  • WhatTheFont?! attempts to identify the font used in an image on the Web, or uploaded from your computer. It is only successful some of the time, but members of the accompanying forum can also help when the tool fails.
  • The Typophile Type ID Board is the low-tech solution, a gathering of people who have memorised the names of far too many fonts for their own good. It is also one of the best resources for tough cases.
  • Form Finder is an interactive tool that will find type matching the metrics you provide.

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