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International Business Machines Corporation (NASDAQ: IBM), colloquially known as "Big Blue", is a company which manufactures and sells computer software, hardware and services. It is headquartered in Armonk, NY, USA, and began operations in 1888.


Relationship with Apple

Early in the history of Apple Computer, IBM was seen by many Apple users as "the enemy", due to the competition between the two companies. However, after the AIM (Apple, IBM and Motorola) alliance of 1991, IBM slowly became accepted by Mac users.

Since the AIM Alliance was formed, IBM and Motorola have supplied the microprocessors for Apple computers. In the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) of 2005, Apple announced that Intel would provide chips for future Apple machines, which would be phased in from mid-2006 to late 2007. Currently, IBM is still the supplier for Apple Computers.


IBM is one of Apple's suppliers of the PowerPC line of microprocessors, including:


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