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If You Received a Reminder

If you have received a reminder about a forum rule from the moderators, it's to alert you to a rule you haven't followed. Whether the rule is major or minor, and whether you knew about the rule or not, please follow the rule in the future. The Forum Rules are designed to keep the forums useful and enjoyable for all members.

Reminders are not punishment. They are tips to help you avoid future problems that could lead to warnings or discipline. Your cooperation is appreciated!

The moderators use automated reminder messages to ensure consistency, facilitate recordkeeping, and for efficiency. We're sorry the moderators can't send a personal message each time there's an issue in the forums but they have a large number of forum members to serve. If the moderators think a reminder requires further explanation they'll take the time to add extra comments at the bottom of the message for clarification.

The moderators work as a team even though one of them sent you the reminder message. Moderation is not personal and is applied consistenly to the posts reported to the moderators by forum members.

Any reminders or warnings you've received in the last 14 days are summarized on the Reminders tab of your User Profile and in your Control Panel. Other users don't see them there.

What if I Disagree?

We hope the reason for your reminder is clear from the post, the forum rule, and any clarification provided by the moderator. If not, there's a procedure to follow:

Read What if I disagree with moderation of my posts?
Review the Facts to consider and follow the steps under What to do.
You might resolve your questions or concerns yourself. If not, we're ready to address them.

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