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MacRumors' Guide pages require user registration to edit pages.

How to Register

The Mac Guide pages share a user database with the forums. If you already have an account with the forums, you're almost there.

  1. Register with MacRumors Forums
  2. You must have at least 5 forum posts before your Mac Guides account will be active.
  3. Once you've reached 5 posts, you will be able to login here and start editing pages. Note that you may have to wait a few minutes after your fifth post to log in.

Why 5 posts?

Users are required to have 5 forum posts before being given the ability to edit pages here in the MacRumors Guide pages to prevent unscrupulous users from spamming this site with inappropriate material. This is a common problem amongst user-editable websites based on the Wiki software.

We feel that 5 posts is a reasonable goal and should be easily achievable by those truly interested in participating in this community.

Please note that if you simply post meaningless messages simply to pad your post count, your account will be banned.

Exception: Any users who registered prior to October 29th, 2005 are not subject to the 5 post minimum. This post count restriction only applies to new registrations.

Problems Logging in? (Username Restrictions)

If you are registered on the forums and have more than 5 posts and are still having problems logging in, it may be because of your username.

Unfortunately, usernames in the Mac Guides (MediaWiki software) have more restrictions than our Forums (VBulletin software), as a result there are a few restrictions which will affect a small number of users.

The characters # + < > [ ] | { } can not be used in a username on the Mac Guides portion of this site.

If your forum username already has one of these illegal characters, please let us know: [1]. We will have to change your username in order for you to be able to participate in the Mac Guides portion of the site. For consistency's sake, we will change your username throughout the site (forums, guides).

The Underscore ( _ ) character also presents a unique situation. While usernames may utilize this character, it is read as a blank space by the Mac Guide software. As a result, the following names are interpreted the same: "User Name" and "User_Name". In a small number of cases, this could result in a conflict if two users Forum names differ only by the underscore character. Again, we will have to change one users name.

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