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GeForce is the consumer and gaming video card brand by NVIDIA, Inc. Almost all of Apple's recent laptop and desktop models have had varying GeForce models in them at one time or another.


GeForce 9 Series Mac Products

MacModels usedBenchmarks
MacBook (Late 2008)9400M (256 MB)
MacBook Air (Late 2008)9400M (256 MB)
15" MacBook Pro (Late 2008)9400M + 9600M GT (256 MB/ 512 MB)

GeForce 8 Series Mac Products

NVIDIA's eighth-generation debuted in the Mac lineup in the MacBook Pro Revision D.

MacModels usedBenchmarks
Mac Pro (Early 2008)8800 GT (512 MB)Gaming, Core Image
15" MacBook Pro8600M GT (128MB/ 256 MB/ 512 MB)Rev. D, Rev. E
17" MacBook Pro8600M GT (256 MB/ 512 MB)Rev. D, Rev. E
iMac (Intel)8800 GS (512 MB)Rev. D (Montevina)

Other Benchmarks

BareFeats - 128 MB vs. 256 MB VRAM on the MacBook Pro (Rev. D)

GeForce 7 Series Mac Products

The GeForce 7 Series competes directly with ATI's Radeon R520 core.

MacModels usedBenchmarks
Mac Pro7300 GT (256 MB)Rev. A
24" Intel iMac7300 GT (128MB), 7600 GT (256 MB, BTO upgrade)Rev. B
Power Mac G57800 GT (256 MB)Rev. D

GeForce 6 Series Mac Products

The GeForce 6 series was NVIDIA's first Shader Model 3.0 set of graphics cards.

MacModels usedBenchmarks
Power Mac G56600 LE (256 MB), 6600 (256 MB), 6800 Ultra (256MB)Rev. D and E

GeForce FX Mac Products

NVIDIA's GeForce FX series was overshadowed by ATI's Radeon R300 core. Launched in late 2002, it suffered because its performance was far behind the equivalent Radeon card.

ModelCore ClockMemory ClockPixel Pipelines Vertex ShadersFound in...
GeForce FX 5200 Ultra325 MHz325 MHz41Final iMac G4, iMac G5 (Rev. A), PowerMac G5
GeForce FX Go5200300 MHz300 MHz41PowerBook G4