Gallery of Apple Mockups and Fake Products

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This is a gallery of significant fakes that circulated around the Mac web. Please don't include every fake out there. Just ones of some significance/circulation.


Mac Fusion

This set of images was also broadcast to a number of sites on the eve of WWDC/ TUAW posted these images which claimed a developer targeted Mac would be released at WWDC. They were fake. MacRumors Discussion thread

3G iPhone with Video Chat

This set of images was sent to MacRumors and a number of other sites in the days leading to WWDC 2008. The images were posted by CrunchGear who felt the images were real. MacRumors Discussion thread

Do Not Open Box claimed that sealed boxes were sent to Apple resellers in Australia with explicit instructions not to open the box before the 2008 WWDC keynote. Followup images from another site claimed to even open the box and reveal a new iPhone design. All of these images were fake. The original sealed box was a prank played on MacRumors Discussion thread

Full Screen Video iPod

This rendition of a Video iPod was distributed five days prior to an Apple media event to take place on February 28th, 2006. It was originally posted to Flickr and triggered much discussion. The author later released a video showing steps used in photoshop to create this fake, although the iPod in that video differed slightly from that in the initial rendition. However, G4 TV's Attack of the Show has admitted to creating the video, only to show that if it was fake, it would not be difficult to create. However, they did not create the original image, so its status is again in dispute.

Video iPod

Roughly one week prior to the release of the 5G (video) iPod, posted "spy shots" of the anticipated video iPod. The first photo in the gallery is Engadget's fake, with the next two being posted elsewhere on the net following the same form factor.


A few days before the Mac mini was unveiled at Macworld San Francisco 2005, these iHome photos and a short video appeared on someone's iDisk. See the Original Discussion Thread A Video file is also available by right-clicking or control-clicking this link and selecting "Download Linked File."

In an interesting development, the iHome has been later used by a 3rd party company as a name for their iPod accessory, featuring an alarm clock with a docking port for the iPod, and speakers too. This device is also sold at Apple Retail Stores

iMac G5

in August 2004, just prior to the release of the iMac G5, these bogus iMac images appeared around the Internet. These established the tradition that the best "spy" shots should be taken in elevators. These pictures appear to originate from an Appleinsider discussion where the prankster eventually comes clean.

PowerMac G5

In June 2003 this image appeared hosted on an angelfire user site. On June the 23rd, Apple released the real PowerMac G5 to the world. The faked image was slightly similar and certainly encouraged lively debate.


Early iWalk protoype photos from October 2001. These were in circulation on the eve of the iPod introduction. But it wasn't until the later photos emerged when things got interesting.

A few days before MacWorld San Francisco 2002, these iWalk photos/video were posted on January 2nd 2002 and the Original Discussion Thread sparked a heated debate on the authenticity. Meanwhile, the real hardware announcement at MWSF 2002 was the flat panel iMac G4.

  • Besides these photos a number of videos were also made available which showed the iWalk in action.