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Historical Gallery of Leaked Photos and Images.

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Mac Mini

A photo of the rear of the refreshed Mac Mini and specs were first posted in late February 2009, about a week before the refreshed Mac Mini's release to the Mac Rumors forums and were deemed by many to be fake. Discussion thread The next day, a video featuring the refreshed Mini being spun around which appeared related to the first picture was released and caused much discussion about the validity of the featured Mac Mini. Discussion thread

A few days later, another photo, this time of the box of the refreshed Mac Mini was sent to MacRumors and many other rumor sites. It was originally deemed as a fake and posted to Page 2, however, believed the photo to be real, and it was subsequently posted as a Page 1 rumor. Like the previous images, many questioned this image's validity. Discussion thread The next day the refreshed Mac Mini was released featuring specs the same as leaked ones.

iPhone 3G

Images of the new iPhone 3G were first leaked by iPod Observer two months before its release. MacRumors Discussion thread Later, images depicting a white iPhone 3G appeared on Both images appear to be accurate. MacRumors Discussion thread

iPhone Firmware 1.1.3

The actual iPhone 1.1.3 firmware was leaked in late December, ahead of the 2008 Macworld San Francisco. Original discussion thread.

iMac Slim Keyboard

Photos of the new Apple keyboard first appeared on a Chinese forum thread and a Flickr account.

Interestingly, the images were never requested to be removed by Apple. [url= Discussion thread]

3G iPod Nano

Photos of the 3rd Generation iPod nano first appeared on

The images quickly made their way around various sites and blogs, which were sent cease and desist letters by Apple. Original discussion thread

Mac Pro 8-core

The 8-core Mac Pro was leaked on Apple's UK website, when searching Mac Pro on the site it showed these results:

The little slip-up on the site was removed within hours. The rumors happened to be true, and the 8-core Mac Pro was introduced in a few weeks. The article is discussed here: MacRumors Discussion of the slip-up

iLife '06 with iWeb

Jan 5, 2006. A slip-up on Apple's website revealed a few details of their annual iLife update, confirming its updated title (iLife '06) and a new program called "iWeb". Apple changed the website within hours, but enough people had got a glimpse of the page to start speculation and discussion over its new features.

5G "Video" iPod

Original discussion thread

4G "Clickwheel" iPod

This image was available online before Steve Jobs officially announced the 4G "clickwheel" iPod.

PowerMac G5 Specs

Apple accidentally leaked the specs for the PowerMac G5 on July 19th 2003 on their own website. The news quickly spread across the Mac web. The specs for the then unreleased PowerMac G5 were indeed true. The PowerMac G5 was introduced at WWDC 2003. Steve Jobs acknowledged the leak during his Keynote speech. Here's the original screenshot posted, and the original discussion thread:

PowerMac G4

These images were leaked on July 22, 2002. The images depict a new PowerMac G4 design and photos of the motherboard along with some specs. A PDF diagram was posted to the MacRumors forums, and these images later posted on MacBidouille.

PowerMac G4 'Quicksilver'

These images were released onto the web days before the Quicksilver was announced in July 2001. They were widely believed to be fake. Original discussion thread

iMac G4

Time magazine printed this image hours before Steve Jobs unveiled the new computer.

PowerMac G4 Cube

This image was released in July of 2000 and was met with many doubts. Several web pages discounted the images as complete fabrications. Turns out it was correct.

iMac G3 Slot-Loader

Images appeared on the internet in late September, 1999 and proven right later that year.