Free Emulators for Mac OS X

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Here is a list of free emulators available in binary form for Mac OS X from various places on the internet. All of them are full programs that are free. Some may require original system ROMs to be obtained that cannot be distributed with the emulators due to copyright restrictions. Programs are listed in alphabetical order of the system they emulate.

Emulator Name/Website Universal? System Emulated
ArcEm No Acorn Archimedes
ElectrEm Yes Acorn Electron
Arnold Yes Amstrad CPC/CPC+
Catakig No Apple ][, ][+, //e, and //c
KEGS-OSX Yes Apple IIgs
MacMAME No Arcade; various
Rainbow Yes Atari 800
Jum52 Yes Atari 5200
NoSTalgia No Atari ST
Hatari No Atari ST
BeebEm No BBC Micro
B-Em No BBC Micro
Horizon Yes BBC Micro
Mugrat Yes Colecovision
Frodo Yes Commodore 64
VICE Yes Commodore 64
MaxUAE No Commodore Amiga
DOSBox Yes MS-DOS (gaming optimized)
KiGB Yes Gameboy
Boycott Advance Yes Gameboy Advance
Visual Boy Advance Yes Gameboy Advance
Mini vMac No Macintosh 128K/SE
Basilisk II Yes Macintosh 68k
fMSX Yes MSX 1/2/2+
Neopocott Yes Neo Geo Pocket Colour
Mupen64 Yes Nintendo 64
sixtyforce Yes Nintendo 64
Nestopia Yes Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom
O2Em Yes Odyssey²
Oric Yes Oric 1/Atmos
TGEmu Yes PC Engine
SimCoupe Yes SAM Coupe
SMS Plus Yes Sega Master System/Game Gear
Generator Yes Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Genesis Plus Yes Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
BSNES Yes Super Nintendo
MO5 Yes Thomson MO5
Thom Yes Thomson TO7
TEO Yes Thomson TO8
Vecx Yes Vectrex
ViBE Yes Virtual Boy
Oswan Yes Wonderswan
Q Yes x86, including DOS, Windows and i386 Linux
FUSE Yes ZX Spectrum
ZXSP Yes ZX Spectrum