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Font Book is a free application provided by Apple as part of Mac OS X, first introduced in Mac OS X 10.3. Font Book allows for the management and installation of fonts on Mac OS X.

Font Display

  • To view a font, select it in the font list and view it in the right panel of the Font Book window, or double click a font to display it in its own window.
  • Within font families, click the disclosure triangle to select different typefaces/styles.
  • To display text in different font sizes, change the font size drop-down, or set it to Fit and resize the Font Book window, reading the current font size at the bottom of the window.
  • While viewing a font, press Command-1 or Command-2 to toggle between the most commonly used characters (typically the alphabet) and the complete list of characters in the font.
  • To view your own choice of text, press Command-3 and edit the text in the display. The custom text will be shown for any font displayed, until you change the text again, even if you Quit and relaunch Font Book.
  • While viewing a font, press Command-I to toggle between display of the font and display of font information such as name, family, kind, version, and copyright.

Font Management

Using Font Book, you can

  • Organize fonts in collections, using drag-and-drop, much as you would organize playlists in iTunes. Font collections are lists of aliases of fonts, not copies of them.
  • Create font libraries, which are physical collections of fonts is a given disk folder and export a set of fonts to a folder.
  • Create font collections or font libraries to match the fonts used in text selected in certain applications.
  • Enable, disable, remove, or install fonts and font families.
  • Check for duplicate or damaged fonts.
  • Control where new fonts are installed.
  • Control which fonts are available system-wide or to you (the current user).

Font Troubleshooting Tips

  • If a dot is displayed next to a font name, it has been noted as a duplicate. Use the Edit > Resolve Duplicates menu choice.
  • If a font is giving you trouble, launch Font Book, select the font, and use the File > Validate Fonts menu choice, or control-click and use Validate Font in the contextual menu. Review any problems found in the resulting Font Validation window. If a font is found to have problems, you may want to remove or disable that font. To remove it, select it in the Font Validation window and click the Remove Checked button. To disable it, select it in the main Font Book window and use the Edit > Disable family menu choice, or control-click and use Disable family in the contextual menu.