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It can be hard to know where to look for software after switching to a Mac. There is a guide containing a list of some popular Mac software and there are several popular websites, described below, which contain frequently updated lists of Mac software.



VersionTracker is one of the most popular sources of Mac software. It has sections for both Windows and Macintosh software, and contains numerous features such as user reviews, download counts, and more.


MacUpdate is about as popular as VersionTracker, although unlike VersionTracker, it focuses exclusively on Macintosh software. It features similar features to VersionTracker, but excels in its developer services, often posting updates in as little as ten minutes and providing developer features such as download statistics and polls. The downside is that data is not checked until after it is posted, meaning spurious submissions may be removed. Vendors have also been known to exploit this situation by posting deliberately incorrect information about their competitors.


Apple used to feature a section of its site dedicated to Mac OS X downloads. This now points users to the Mac App Store, which requires Snow Leopard or newer.


The sites listed here are not as popular and/or have much smaller directories than the sites listed above, but may still be useful.

  • Softpedia - Mac software directory also with Mac news.
  • SofoTex - another reasonably large directory of Mac software.
  • Tucows - a once popular directory but today has slow updates, charges large fees for many services, and known for copying listings from competitors.
  • The Mac Orchard - a small directory of "vital" internet applications.
  • Pure Mac - categorized lists of apps with weekly 'Pure Picks' of notable software.
  • Cool OS X Apps - featured apps with a detailed summaries; discussion forums.
  • - includes a section dedicated to Mac software and reviews.