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Final Cut Pro is Apple's current high end video editing solution. The current version is 6. It competes primarily with Avid editing solutions and Adobe's Premiere.



Final Cut Pro has been used for many feature films such as Cold Mountian and Napolean Dynamite.

Final Cut Pro 6 delivers powerful and precise editing tools that work with virtually any format, from DV and native HDV to fully uncompressed HD - as well as Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM HD, AVCHD and AVC-Intra tapeless formats. The new open format Timeline in Final Cut Pro 6 allows for muli-format source material to be edited in the same timeline without render. Apple also introduced a new post-production format called ProRes 422 that significantly decreased uncompressed HD file sizes.

Final Cut Pro is available exclusively for Mac OS X, and is widely considered the leading application of its kind.

It is one of the six main components of Final Cut Studio 2, along with DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 3, Soundtrack Pro 2, Color and Compressor 3.

System Requirements


  • Final Cut Pro 1
  • Final Cut Pro 2
  • Final Cut Pro 3
  • Final Cut Pro 4
  • Final Cut Pro 4.5 - The first version to include HD support, also known as Final Cut Pro HD
  • Final Cut Pro 5 - Upgrade via Apple to 5.04 available 12/29/05
  • Final Cut Pro 6 - The current version. This version introduced the open format Timeline,

Final Cut Pro 5 US Pricing

  • $999 - Final Cut Pro 5
  • $399 - Final Cut Pro 5 Upgrade
  • $699 - Final Cut Pro 5 Upgrade from Final Cut Express
  • $499 - Final Cut Pro 5 Academic

Final Cut Studio US Pricing

  • $1299 - Final Cut Studio 2
  • $699 - Final Cut Studio Academic
  • $699 - Final Cut Studio Upgrade From Final Cut Pro

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