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This article or section is based on a forum post written by mainstreetmark.

This article is a (partial) list of available external mice, compatible with Mac OS X. If you use (or used) a mouse that is not in this list, please add it.


Mighty Mouse

The Mighty Mouse, Apple's first ever multi-button mouse.
The Mighty Mouse, Apple's first ever multi-button mouse.

The Mighty Mouse is one of the more unique mice on the market, concealing four buttons without many visible seams, compared to conventional multibutton mice. It features left and right click areas, a "squeeze" button and a tiny track-ball type function on the top, called a Scroll Ball. The Scroll Ball allows for panning around in 360 degree, as opposed to the normal vertical (and sometimes horizontal) scrolling found in other mice. Click for more info


  • Four customizable buttons
  • 360 degree scrolling
  • USB interface


  • The only mouse with a built in trackball
  • Seamless shell
  • Designed for Tiger by Apple


  • Left and Right clicks cannot be simultaneous

Microsoft IntelliMouse for Bluetooth

Intellimouse with USB Bluetooth adapter
Intellimouse with USB Bluetooth adapter

The IntelliMouse has a nice, velvety feel to its skin, and features two thumb buttons, three finger buttons, scrolling and sideways scrolling, achieved by tilting said scroll wheel back and forth. The sideways scrolling is slow, similar to holding the right arrow key. The scroll speed is not influenced by pressing harder, considered a disadvantage by some.


  • 5 customizable buttons, plus scrollwheel and left-right scrolling
  • Wireless via Bluetooth (comes with an adapter)


  • Nice feel
  • Long battery life, non-rechargable (unless you use your own rechargeable batteries). Unlike the MX900, it shuts off after about 10 minutes of being still, and a "Connection Lost" notification can appear on the computer. It wakes up with about 1 or 2 seconds of shaking.
  • Sideways scrolling, by means of tilting the scrollwheel left and right
  • Very small Bluetooth adapter


  • Less buttons
  • Coating on thumb buttons wears off
  • Center wheel clicking can be unreliable. A click can be heard from the mouse, with no click-event reaching the operating system.
  • Left and Right scrolling inaccessible as customizable mouse buttons, by default

Logitech MX900

MX900 with charging station/bluetooth adapter
MX900 with charging station/bluetooth adapter

The Logitech MX900 has two thumb buttons, three finger buttons, plus three more smaller buttons, also used by the fingers. Exposé is able to address all of these.


  • Eight customizable buttons
  • Wireless via Bluetooth (via adapter in charging station)
  • Charging station


  • Lots of buttons, all are Mac compatible out of the box
  • Smooth movement


  • Short battery life of about 2-3 days between charges
  • The Bluetooth adapter is cumbersome and considered by some to be ugly. Four feet of power cord plugs into another four feet of USB cable.

Logitech MX Revolution

The Logitech MX Revolution is an extremely useful, wireless mouse when it comes to using OS X, and is popular amongst regular users, gamers and professionals. It features a high powered, precision scroll wheel and a very ergonomic design, which makes using the mouse a pleasure for many users. It also has three programmable buttons and a scroll wheel-style button which can have different functions when moved forwards, backwards or pressed in. The Scroll wheel can also be pushed from side to side, giving the mouse the option of horizontal scroll, too.


  • Hyper-fast scroll wheel with two modes; Click-to-Click and Smooth-Scroll.
  • Three customizable buttons and a programmable wheel-like button.
  • The scroll wheel can be toggled from side to side to activate functions.
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Very Customizable with provided software, and functions can be set specifically for each application.
  • Wireless and Rechargeable, unlike most wireless mice (which require batteries).
  • Vertical and Horizontal scroll (optional)
  • ANY key command can be assigned to buttons.
  • Good weight
  • Moves across surfaces with ease


  • Requires dongle, but a Bluetooth version has recently been seen in the FCC files. Whether or not it will be released, however, is a different story.