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  • 3/25- Added comments on Marriage Skyrim style under the General Info section.
  • 2/15- Added note about recharging magical items under the Enchanting section.
  • 2/3- Reorganized and added some mods (2/3/12 label).
  • 1/29- Added Wars in Skyrim Mod link in mod section, a mod that adds random fighting encounters in the game.
  • 1/19- Added notes about platform (PC< Xbox, Playstation) and the use of Mods and Console Cheats. Mods and Console Commands are not available in game console versions of Skyrim.
  • 1/17- Some revelations in this update: How to check Follower stats and upgrade them under Follower section. How to remove the "stolen" tag from items using the console.
  • 1/16- Updated note about Followers dying in combat.
  • 1/15- Better organized section regarding Class Leveling, Attributes, and Skill Perks under Class Leveling section.
  • 1/14- Added several Mod links, enhanced environmental mods such as Enhanced Sky, Lush Grass & Tress that don't have an adverse impact on performance, a UI Mod, even a nude mod for those who need it (I don't) ;) Moved General Points/Politics section forward in the article.
  • 1/8- Rewrote the Political/Religious Section, now called a primer. Added Merchant Location Link@ESWiki, Merchants@UESP.net.
  • 1/7- Added Plant link under Alchemy section. Added Handy Trainer Section under Class Development.
  • 1/4/2012- Added link to My Skyrim Alchemy Documents available online for download and printing.- Hunt'n.


Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim Quick & Dirty Guide- if you like Role Playing Games, this is too good of a game not to check out. This guide is quick, but there is a heck of a lot of material and it is a work in progress. Feel free to add to or send me a PM and I'll get your tip/link added. -Dave Peck (Huntn). See my Adventures in Skyrim Blog.

Note: The Title on this page should say Skyrim Quick & Dirty Guide. I've asked the moderator to fix...

Skyrim System Requirements

  • Minimum requirements:
  • Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
*Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
*2GB System RAM
*6GB free HDD Space
*Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM
*DirectX compatible sound card
*Internet access for Steam activation
  • Recommended requirements:
  • Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
*Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
*4GB System RAM
*6GB free HDD space
*DirectX 9.0c compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with 1GB of RAM (Nvidia *GeForce GTX 260 or higher; ATI Radeon 4890 or higher).
*DirectX compatible sound card
*Internet access for Steam activation

Play It On Your Mac!

To play this game on your Intel Mac, you'll need to purchase a copy of Windows (Windows, preferabley Windows 7) and then use Apple's Boot Camp to install windows on a separate partition on your Mac. Read about Boot Camp. For general info about gaming with Windows on your Mac see the MacRumors Guide: Windows Gaming on a Mac.

PC, Xbox, PlayStation?

Due to Mods and Console cheats, by far the preferred platform to play this game is on the PC version. As far as I know, Mods and Console Cheats are not available on the console editions of this game.

Important Terms

  • Abilities- See Powers and Abilities.
  • Books- See Class/Character Development.
  • Buy a Home- See General Info.
  • Dragon Mounds- See General Info & POI.
  • Dragon Shouts- See Powers and Abilities.
  • Favorites- See Combat.
  • Followers- See Class/Character Development.
  • Friendly Fire- See Followers under Class/Character Development.
  • Guardian Stones- See Class/Character Development.
  • Hot Key Spells- See Favorites Section.
  • Rest Up!- See Class/Character Development.
  • Rune Traps- See Magic Combat.
  • Shadow Marks- Thief Section.
  • Shrines- See General Info & POI.
  • Skill Perks- See Class/Character Development.
  • Soul Gems- See Enchanting
  • Become a Thane- See Class/Character Development
  • Wall Spells- See Magic Combat under Combat.
  • Word Walls- See Dragon Shouts under Powers & Abilities.

Skyrim Misc Links

General Info, Politics & Points of Interest

  • Skyrim Holds- regions of Skyrim.
  • Skyrim Inns.
  • What's the Rush?- You'll find that the Main Quest tries to push you along and take care of vital issues quickly as in "why are you still here? Get GOING!" Don't worry about it. Do what you want, when you want to. The main quest and everything in this game waits for you. :)
  • Imperial Legion- If you want to fight for the Empire, join the Imperial Legion.
  • Stormcloaks- If you are sick of the Empire, join the Stormcloaks.
  • Thalmor- If you want more info about this group.
  • Whiterun City The Battle-born Grey-Mane Feud- Quest: Missing in Action.
  • The Civil War and Bounties If you've been a bad boy or girl, as the civil war continues, Holds will fall to one side or the other which may wipe out any bounty on your character.
  • Worship a Shrine- Shrines Reference @UESP.
  • Dragon Mounds @ ESWiki]- Alduin, The World Eater has returned and over the course of the Main Quest resurrects Dragons found in 22 Dragon Burial Mounds scattered around Skyrim.. You will find them in different stages Dormant, Deserted, Awakened, Resurrected.

Getting Married

  • Marriage @ESWiki. Marriage @UESP.
  • Yes, you can get married, just don't get too excited about the prospect. There is no such thing as courtship. Finding an available partner consists of wearing an "I'm Available", Amulet of Mara by completing a marriage related quest or by possibly finding this Amulet. Some perspective partners will require you to do them a favor. Others if you talk to them, notice the Amulet and are ready to get hitches on a moments notice. Afterwards, what you get is possibly a free house to live in (depending on the individual), a free meal, possibly some additional income (they give you money), and the benefit of of extra beneficial rest by sleeping in close proximity to them, although being able to sleep with them (lay in the same bed, no marital activities allowed) is a question to me. I tried marriage to one of the prettiest female characters in the game, was disappointed, and reverted to a previous save. Check out this blog entry if you want to read about it. I may eventually get married after the main quest is complete- Huntn.
  • Fast Travel- Click anyplace on the map that you have visited and is marked white

Politics/Religion Primer

Don't Be An Ignoramus! ;) This section has become quite lengthy. The abbreviated version is this- In present day Skyrim, the Empire is allowing the Thalmor Elves to stamp out Talos worship in Skyrim although The Empire itself is ambivalent about the question: is Talos a God or just a man, and hypocritically they used to include Talos as the Ninth of the Nine Divines. The StormCloak rebellion is a group of Nords who control most of Eastern Skyrim and are fighting for Talos worship and are sick of Imperial policies. In the past, the Thalmor had a big war with the Imperials, but achieved a truce based on an agreement to stamp out Talos worship. They may also have designs on taking Skyrim and maybe more. If you don't want to read the rest of this jump to the "Decisions, Decisions" section. To make an informed decision, there is no need to commit to a side early in the game.

Understand Skyrim Religions

The 3 major religions in Skyrim are:

  • Nine Divines- If you played Elderscrolls 4: Oblivion, remember the Nine Divines are the most important religious order in Cyrodiil. There are 6 gods and 3 goddesses. When you think Empire, think Nine Divines.
  • Talos- Tiber Septim, a human hero who became a God, the ninth of the Nine Divines. So if you hear a Stormcloak talking about Talos, they are talking Nine Divines.
  • Nordic Pantheon-Think Nordic Gods like ancient Greek Gods. See Pantheons link.
  • Daedra- From Oblivion, you'll remember the Daedra as mostly nasty things that popped out of Oblivion Gates in Cryodiil. There are Daedra Priests and Priestesses who control the nastiness that enters the world from the Oblivion plane.

The Players

  • The Thalmor and the Empire waged war during a time before modern day Skyrim known as the Great War. Both sides called for an end to the fighting under the condition the Empire ban all Talos worship, among other things, as conceded in the treaty known as the White-Gold Concordat. Consequently, No, It's Eight Divines is what you'll hear visiting an Imperial Church in Skyrim. To make the Thalmor happy, the official imperial line is that Tiber Septim was a hero and a good guy, but not a God. I don't know why the Thalmor have an issue with Talos Whorship other than they are Elf supremacists who probably resent the idea of a man being elevated to God status.
  • The Markarth Incident During the Great War (described above) the Empire forgot about Skyrim. Breton bandits rose up and took over the city of Markarth, from those aligned with the Empire. Nords led by the Stormcloaks, agreed to take back Markarth, if they would be allowed to worship Talos in peace. After being kicked out of Markarth, the Breton's retired to the hills of The Reach, becoming the Foresworn However when the truce with the Thalmor was signed, the Empire went back on it's word to the Stormcloaks, banning Talos.
  • The Stormcloak Rebellion, is the civil war between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks, who are Nords, followers of Talos, led by Ulfric Stormcloak, the Jarl of Windhelm, (who you meet at the very beginning of the game). They want to worship Talos and because of Imperial policies believe that Skyrim should no longer belong to the crumbling Empire. However Ulfric can appear to be an egotistical zealot and appears prejudiced against the elves and anyone not a Nord (see the Gray Quarter in Windhelm). Any distain of Ulfric must be tempered with the knowledge that "prejudice" in Human history was the norm, and has only been viewed recently as a negative. In earlier days of humanity, tribe mentality tends to be prejudicial.

Decisions, Decisions

  • No Clean Choice'- I've read some historical links online and there does not appear to be a "good" or "bad" choice, just compromises. Overall the Imperials seem to have a stronger infrastructure. Although in Skyrim, the Stormcloaks appear to control more territory, but many of their towns are small villages.
  • On one hand Imperials try to execute your character at the beginning of the game, have outlawed the worship of Talos, and begrudgingly welcomed the Thalmor, Elf supremacists who btw, will cheerfully carry out the death sentence for those caught worshipping Talos. It can be argued the Thalmor have designs on taking over the entire realm.
  • On the other hand, The Stormcloaks are wreaking the Empire which could easily lead to a successful Thalmor invasion, although this is speculation. Although the Empire agreed to ban the worship of Talos, unofficially it is ambivalent about Eight or Nine Divines, and is not actively involved in stamping it out. That honor goes to the Thalmor.
  • There is no need to commit to a side early- I'm not going to tell you what to do, but before you join anyone you should run some quests in Stormcloak territory and see how the Jarls strike you and then make a trip way over to Solitude and talk to the Imperial leadership. If you approach the game as an individual would, after coming close to being executed, you might say screw the Empire! However, the big picture conventional wisdom say that the Imperials are humanities best hope against the fascist Thalmori dominion, and if you ally yourself with the Stormcloaks you will only create a weaker Skyrim and a weaker Empire. So do you pick the underdogs, who by undermining the Empire maybe making things easy for the zealot, domineering Thalmor Elves or go with the Empire who are hypocrites for letting Talos worshippers hang out to dry? Lol! :)


  • 3 Classes- Warrior, Mage, Thief.
  • In Skyrim you don't have to be a pure anything but it makes sense to specialize in a primary area, warrior, magic, or thief.
  • Character Class Starting Stats @ESWiki.
  • Skyrim Races @ESWiki.
  • Change Your Appearance/Race (added 11Dec11)- This YouTube video shows you how. In essence pull up the console (tilde key- left of No.1 key), type showracemenu, hit (tilde key) make selections, rename your character, confirm save. Important Note- As of now, it is possible to change your race, but if you do, your stats will be screwed up for the new race...

Class/Character Development


  • Special Armor Location Guide
  • Merchant Vendor Guide@ ESWiki; Merchants@UESP.net.
  • Need a Daedra Heart? Enthir sells Daedra Hearts at the College of Winterhold. Restocks shop every 48 hrs. (added by WhoGotTheChunk 12/22/11)
  • Motto: Improve what you use. You can develop any skills you want, but it's best if you focus on primary and secondary class skills.
  • Skill Improvement- Skills are improved as your character uses them. Not just wielding, but using them in combat. The more powerful weapons or spells used, the more quickly skills improve. I'm not sure about "Sneaking", it may improve only in combat areas or it may improve all the time you sneak around.
  • Character Builds- @hubpages.com.
  • Destruction Cloaks- are beneficial to any class involved in melee combat.
  • Sneaking: Your character should be sneaking through every dungeon. See Skill Improvement list under Character Advancement.
  • Become a Thane!

Character Leveling

  • Character Leveling @UESP.
  • Leveling Up @ESWiki.
  • Leveling is a two part process When you level, you'll get a message that you leveled. Each time you level you can add 10 points to a single Attribute (Magicka, Health, Stamina) and a Skill Perk which usually is class related, but not necessarily. There is no advantage to not increasing your Attributes right away, however you are not required to add the Perk Point immediately. The ability to pick a Perk is based on based on skill points all ready required in that speciality. So in other words, as a Mage if you want to pick Destruction Dual Casting, you'd need to have 40 skill points all ready accrued in Destruction Magic. If you really want Destruction Dual Casting and you don't yet have 40 Skill point, you can hold off applying that Perk Point until you reach the threshold that allows you to get it. Skill points are accrued by using the Skill, Being Trained by a Trainer, and Reading a Book. Note that Combat based skills only go up when used in Combat, not practise.

Character Attributes

Each time you level up you can add 10 points to a single attribute: Magicka, Health, or Stamina.

  • Health- The total damage the player can take before dying. Represented by a red bar at the bottom center of the screen. Regenerates 0.70% of your maximum Health each second both inside and outside combat.
  • Magicka- The magical energy used to cast spells. Represented by a blue bar at the bottom left of the screen. Regenerates 3.00% of your maximum Magicka each second outside of combat and 0.99% inside combat.
  • Stamina- The player's physical energy, used for sprinting and making power attacks (among other things). Represented by a green bar at the bottom right of the screen. Regenerates 5.00% of your maximum Stamina each second outside of combat and 1.75% inside combat.

Class Skill Perks

  • Skill Constellations: In Elder Scrolls games, the stars effect characters’ power and abilities. Skills are grouped and called "constellations". See: Skill Constellations-Combat Skills @Skyrim Walkthrough Net.
  • Skyrim Skills Builder @IGN.com.
  • SkyRim Perks- There are 251 perks in Skyrim. Players can choose one perk per level.
  • Each time you level, a single Skill Perk can be chosen. Perks are skills (Skill Improvement, Magic, Tiered) that are grouped according to class, but you are not

The Warrior Constellation Skills

  • Archery
  • Block
  • Heavy Armor
  • One Handed
  • Two Handed
  • Black Smithing- See Crafting Section.

The Mage Constellation Skills

  • Alchemy- Although many would consider it a Mage skill, it's located under Thief Skills.
  • Alteration- manipulate the physical world, defensive & utility spells such as water breathing, paralysis, and telekinesis.
  • Conjuration- Raise the dead, summon creatures, create powerful weapons.
  • Destruction- Use fire, frost, and shock to destroy.
  • Illusion- Affects the minds of the victims.
  • Restoration- Heal and protect.
  • Enchanting- Add special qualities to your gear. See Crafting Section.
  • College of Winterhold Magic Trainers- Faralda (Destruction), Phinis Gestor (Conjurgation), Tolfidir (Alteration), Colette Marence (Restoration).

Mage Class Links and Guides

-Find an item that 'reduces the mana cost of destruction spells.' -Disenchant to learn the "Fortify destruction" spell. -Get your enchanting skill up into the 40+ range. -Get enchanting perks that make it 20/40/60/80/100 more effective. -Get the 'insightful' 'corpus' and 'extra effect' perks as you can. -Get your hands on 3 Grand soul gems with Grand souls. -Get your hands on a ring, necklace, and circlet you like. -Apply the 'fortify destruction' enchant to all three, and equip them.

The Thief Constellation Skills

  • Light Armor
  • Lockpicking
  • Pickpocket
  • Sneak
  • Speech
  • Alchemy- potions and poisons. Forage for ingredients, learn effects, and combine for new effects. See Crafting Section.

Thief Info

Reading Books

  • Read Books, Gain Skills- There are 90 Skill Book Titles, 5 Books for each skill allowing you to raise each skill by 5 points just by reading. There are duplicate titles scattered around the realm. Credit is only given the first time a book is read.
  • Book Reading Strategy- It is suggested that you hold off reading books until higher skill levels when skills are much more expensive. However, the dilemma is that before you pick up a book, you don't know it's name and you get credit for reading it as soon as it is picked up. The only way to employ this strategy is to look for a guide telling you where books are and get them at the higher levels.
  • Book Locations- @ESWiki.
  • Skill book Location Guide- @gaming reality.
  • Skill book Locations @gamefront.

Guardian Stones

  • Guardian Stones- @ESWiki. Also known as Standing Stones improve the stats of your character until another stone is chosen. Guardian Stones @ UESP. Guardian Stones @gamefront. There are stones that improve your class skills like the Mage Stone, 20% faster vs the Lovers Stone that improve all skills 15% faster.

Rest Up!

  • Being rested has it's benefits in real life as in this game.
  • Rested: Sleep in any bed skills Improve 5% faster for 8 hours.
  • Well Rested: Sleep in Bed you own or rent, skills Improve 10% faster for 8 hours.
  • Lovers Comfort: Sleep in same location as your Spouse, skills Improve 15% faster for 8 hours.


Handy Trainers

  • Alchemy- Whiterun, Arcadia at Arcadia's Culdron.
  • Archery- Whiterun, Companions, Aela Huntress
  • Block- Whiterun, Companions, Njada Stoneam
  • Conjuration- Winterhold, Phinis Gestor.
  • Destruction- Winterhold College, Faralda.
  • Destruction- Solitude, Blue Place Mage, Sybille Stentor.
  • Enchant- Winterhold, College Sergius, Turrianus
  • Speech- Dawnstar outskirts South, Dro'marash.
  • TwoHanded Combat- Whiterun, Companions Vilkas.


  • Character Skills and Trainer Names @ESWiki.
  • This may be readily apparent to some players but before starting any crafting experimentation, save the game. It what you try has negative results start over by reloading your last save. Yeah, technically it's cheating. :)
  • Where The Heck is Spellcrafting? It's not included in Skyrim. (It was in Oblivion.)
  • Technically these are considered skills, but I decided to pluck them out and place in their own section.
  • Any character/class can delve into any crafting they want to. However it makes sense to focus on what helps your class abilities the most.
  • Starter Crafting Guide @gamersheroes.
  • [1]Skyrim Crafting Guide] @ segmentnext.


*See My Skyrim Alchemy Documents organized where the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary items for a desired potion are all lumped together. This comes in most handy when you want to create a health potion and are wondering what needs to be gathered. Take a look and see it if fits your needs. - Hunt'n. (1/4/12)
  • Alchemy @ESWiki.
  • Items have up to 4 properties which will be unknown as a Alchemy novice.
  • [http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Ingredients Alchemy Ingredients- Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary Effects.
  • Alchemy Lab Locations @ESWiki.
  • Alchemy Potions @ESWiki.
  • Alchemy Trainers
  • Collect everything you can, virtually everything, even if you would not think it has a value, may alchemy value, things like rat tails or a giant's toe.
  • Discover Ingredient Properties Option 1: Taste them (no s***) by opening your inventory page and clicking on the item to be tasted. This will reveal it's first property, something like magic or health restoration, or poison such as "damage health". However eating destroys on of the items in your inventory and I guess you need not worry about poisoning yourself. ;) Option 2: Experimentally mix at a Alchemy Lab and see what you get. Option 3: Refer to a list of Alchemy Potions.

Black Smithing

  • Smelting Locations @UESP -turn ore into ingots.
  • See the note on this Wiki Perks page regarding Dragon Armor vs Daedric Smithing. I don't understand it at this point until I see it in the game.- Hunt'n.
  • Clarification from Erasmus (12/11/11) about Daedric vs Dragon Armor: The Daedric vs Dragon Armor note is wrong. Smithing splits in two strands, one for light armor, the other for heavy. They then meet at Dragon armor to make a circle. The note should say that it is impossible to follow one side of the circle up to Dragon armor, and then continue down the circle from the top on the other side. ie, it is impossible to choose all the light armor smithing perks, then Dragon, and then choose Daedric heavy armor. If you want to smith heavy Daedric armor, you have to choose dwarven, orcish and ebony heavy armor smithing first.

Blacksmith Related Locations


  • Recharging Magical Items- Enchanted items don't stay enchanted forever. It took a soul energy (a filled soul gem) to charge them but with use, they eventually loose their charge. To recharge them, open in your inventory and select T- Recharge. You need to have a filled Soul Gem to do this.
  • Enchanting- Adding magical properties to weapons and armor which can make attacks stronger, enemies weaker, or enhance magical abilities.
  • Enchanting @ESWiki.
  • Enchanting @UESP.
  • Soul Gems @ESWiki.
  • Types of Soul Gems @UESP.

Merchants- Where to Sell Your Loot

  • Merchants of Skyrim.
  • In Skyrim, merchants won't buy everything you carry. A potions vendor will not buy your weapons or armor. You'll have to remember who buys what. Also some vendors have very limited funds. This can making selling your items a big pain in the ass.
  • Potions- Whiterun @ Arcadias Cauldron will buy your potions.
  • Jems/Weapons- Solitude @ Bits and Pieces. Whiterun @ Belethor's General Goods.
  • Armor & Weapons- Solitude @ Blacksmith (by entrance to Fort, inside the town). Whiterun @ Warmaidens, and from Eorlund Gray-Mane @ the Skyforge forge (East side of town).

Followers- Want Company Questing?

  • 'Types of Followers- Hireling, Housecarls, Guildmates, Quest or Dungeon Follower, Favor Follower, Dog.
  • Follower Info @ UESP.net.
  • Follower Stats @UESP.net.
  • Follower Console Commands are located in the Cheat/Console Action section.
  • Turn your Follower into a Pack Mule- in Cheat Section.

Follower Got Whimpy On You?

  • Part 1- Check Follower Stats- (Source) Pull up the Console (~). Click on the Follower. The Follower's ID should appear on the screen. In the Console type "getavinfo <actor value>" (without quotes). This will give you a readout of the Follower's stats. Examples of what values to check would be "getavinfo health" or "getavinfo stamina". To check other values, here is a UESP.net Actor Values Chart.
  • Part 2- Update Follower Stats When a Follower is picked up early in the game, the idea is that as you gain xp, so do they. Not quite. I'm not an expert on the mechanics within the game, but they will lag in stats as compared to you. If you have become attached to a follower and wish to continue to use him or her after he or she has become obsolete, you can upgrade them! Using this method, my current Follower, Lydia started with a Stamina of 74 and Health of 181. After completion of the procedure, her Stamina jumped to 114, and her Health to 321. See this UESP.net Follower Stats article. A warning! This method strips the Follower of any items you have given them! Strip them of all upgraded items, then follow the procedure, unless you don't care about losing them. The Procedure: Update his or her stats by dismissing the companion, then opening the console, clicking the Follower in question (the Follower's ID will appear on the screen), typing "disable" and then typing "enable" without the quotation marks, closing the console, then ask them to rejoin. His or her stats will all be updated to match the player's current level.- Hunt'n 1/17/12.
  • Follower Max Stats- a Google Docs document.
*Followers guide @gameradar.
  • Followers are individuals and animals who are willing to adventure with you. As a rule you can only have one human and one dog at a time although for some quests you can gain additional quest related followers. During a fight, once their health runs out they will collapse, but should not die.
  • Friendly Fire- YES you can kill followers permanently by accidentally hitting them with your sword or with a spell. And if you piss them off they will attack you! I received some practice flame cloaks from an apprentice at the Mage College. When set off they surround you with flame and catch all those around you on fire. I did this, caught my Follower on fire and he attacked me! ( I am not aware of a way to turn off Friendly fire in Skyrim- Huntn)

Another example: Have you noticed that when your follower is overwhelmed in combat, they fall to the ground, "yield", and survive? I've confirmed that if you accidentally hit your follower with a harmful spell or shout, they may/will die. Maybe not at your hand, but after you hit them and then they are overwhelmed by a mob. I've got the lowest level of Marked For Death, a Dragon Shout. My shout hit both the target and my follower, Lydia who was closely engaged. After the fight, I found her dead. This (accidentally hitting my follower) has happened several times so it is no coincidence. There are two options, revert to a save or use the console to revive the follower. My guess that if they console revival is used, they will lose any of the gear you have given them to hold/use (unconfirmed). I usually revert to an earlier save.

  • Giving Orders- Through interaction with followers, you can tell what to do. Orders such as Wait/Follow. You can move your cursor onto an item you want your Follower to use, take, attack, or steal, then activate command. (Not sure of exact mechanics).
  • Follower Give and Take- In Skyrim you open a dialog with your follower. One of the choices will be something along the lines of "give me". However when the exchange window opens, you have the option of taking items from your companion's inventory or you can scroll down to your character, highlight an item and click the "give" button. I've not yet found out how you can make your companion equip an item you have given them...
  • Lost Lydia, Tips For How To Get Her Back.



  • Game Difficulty- Can be changed at any time even during combat, Systems>Settings>Gameplay.
  • Traps That Kill You.


  • Setting Up Favorites- Are assigned so that favorite spells, weapons, configurations can be called up quickly during combat. When looking at items in the Inventory (I key) screen or magic/powers/shouts in the powers (P key) screen, you can click the F key to favorite/unfavorite them. Back in the game, the Q key will bring up a list of your favorites.
  • Hotkey Favorites- To assign number keys to favorites hover the cursor over the items/spells in the favorites list and assign press a number key to assign the number to that particular favorite. (contributed by deadwulfe Dec2011).
  • Using Favorite in Specifc Hand? By default favorites are hotkeyed to the left hand. In order to assign an object to your right hand, you must press Shift + number key. Skyrim Graphics and Tweaks Guide

Magic Combat

  • AOE Spells- Area Effect Spells don't hurt you, but will hurt any ally's helping you. The exception is if you use a spell that matches a conjured Atronach such as using a frost area spell when a Frost Atronach is helping you.
  • Atronach Combat Wisdom Need a ranged capable buddy? Call a Flame Atronach. Need a melee friend? Call a Frost Atronach.
  • Rune Traps- When destruction spells are cast upon the ground they act like triggered traps.
  • Wall Spells'- Expert level spells that create a wall of flames, frost, or storms.
  • Defensive Spells- Be ready with Ward Spells against casters (Mages) and Flesh Spells against melee enemies.

Melee Combat

  • Power Attacks- Hold Attack Key until it builds and releases to execute an extra powerful attack. Use to break an enemy's block. Side step Power Attack coming from enemy.
  • Shield Skills- Blocks- Learn to time Blocks to counter mob attacks. Bash- If you see a power attack coming, use Bash to disrupt. If enemy is staggered, quick attacks are most effective. Note: Bash is a learned Skill Perk.

Ranged Combat

  • Archery- If shooting a bow, and enemy approaches, he/she/it can be bashed with it before switching out to another weapon. Archery Perks add to Archery effectiveness.
  • Fighting a Dragon? Even though you are specializing in melee combat, it is useful to have a bow and arrows.
  • 1000+ Damage Bow @inentertainment.co.uk.

Powers & Abilities

Misc Powers

  • More info on these to be posted.
  • Racial Powers- See Race builds.
  • Vampire Powers- See Disease Section.
  • Werewolf Powers- See Disease Section.
  • Nightingale Powers.
  • Dark Brotherhood Power.
  • Standing Stone Powers- See Guardian Stones above.


  • Abilities- Rewards offered for completing specific quests. Different than Skill Perks.
  • Agent Of Dibella 10% more Melee Damage to the opposite sex. Temple Quest: The Heart of Dibella
  • Agent Of Mara- 15% Resist Magic. Temple Quest: The Book of Love
  • Ancient Knowledge- Adds 25% armor if wearing all Dwarven armor. Your Smithing skill increases 15% faster. Side Quest: Unfathomable Depths
  • Archmage's Authority- Better prices from members of the College: 50% Enthir, 10% others. College Of Winterhold Quest: The Eye of Magnus
  • Assassin's Aegis- Adds 25% armor if wearing all Dark Brotherhood armor. Dark Brotherhood Quest: Sanctuary
  • Dragon Infusion- You take 25% less Melee Damage from Dragons. Blades Quest: Dragon Research
  • Eternal Spirit- While Ethereal, you recover health 25% faster. Greybeard Quest: Meditations On The Words Of Power
  • Force Without Effort- You stagger 25% less and foes stagger 25% more. Greybeard Quest: Meditations On The Words Of Power
  • Gift Of The Gab Your Speech skill increases 15% faster. Bards College Quest: Tending The Flames
  • Nightingale's Aegis- Adds 25% armor if wearing all Nightingale Armor. Thieves Guild Quest: Trinity Restored
  • Prowler's Profit- Chance of finding additional gems in chests. Thieves Guild Quest: No Stone Unturned
  • Sailor's Repose- Healing spells restore 10% more health. Dungeon Quest: What Lies Beneath
  • Sinderion's Serendipity- When you make a potion, you have a 25% chance of creating a second, duplicate potion. Side Quest: A Return To Your Roots
  • The Fire Within- Your Fire Breath Shout deals 25% more damage. Greybeard Quest: Meditations On The Words Of Power

Dragon Shouts

  • Dragon Shouts- @ ESWiki. Used by all Classes. Uses words of power, words from the ancient dragon language that are found and learned from Word Walls located throughout the realm. There are 20 shouts which give the shouter the ability to project three levels of power depending on how many of the 3 associated words are learned. A few shouts are taught during the main quest. The kicker is that after each word is learned, it can't be used as a shout until it is unlocked by slaying a dragon and capturing it's soul. Dragon Shouts @UESP. This 18 min YouTube Video shows were all of the Word Walls are located.
  • Worldz Walls, Shouts and Power Overview- @gametechguide.
  • 3 Levels of Shouts- depends on how many of the 3 words for a shout are learned. Tap button for 1st level. Briefly hold button for 2nd level. Hold button for 3rd level.

Factions & Quests!

  • Popular Factions- Companions, Stormcloaks, Legion, Blades, and more (I think).
  • Skyrim Quests.
  • Companions and Their Quests.
  • The Life and Death of Lydia (11/21/11) @rockpapershotgun.com.
  • Dragon Mounds @ ESWiki]- Alduin, The World Eater has returned and over the course of the Main Quest resurrects Dragons found in 22 Dragon Burial Mounds scattered around Skyrim.. You will find them in different stages Dormant, Deserted, Awakened, Resurrected.
  • [2]Companion Quests]- On your way to Whiterun during the Before the Storm quest, you'll see a giant and some people fighting.  Help out and you'll get some information about joining the Companions.

Buy a Home

  • Speak to local Jarl, complete quests or favors until you gain their trust. Then you'll be able to buy a house.
  • Benefits: Base of operations, storage, crafting stations. If married, you can sleep with your wife on a regular basis and receive Lover's Comfort, the highest form of rest benefit (See Rest Up! under Character Advancement). And if you are the Thane of a Hold your Hosecarl will be at your house eager to help you.
  • Whiterun (Whiterun Hold): Breezehome $5000.
  • Riften (The Rift): Honeyside $8000.
  • Markarth (The Reach): Vlindrel Hall $8000.
  • Windhelm (Eastmarch): Hjerim $12000. Complete first part of side quest: Blood on the Ice.
  • Solitude (Haafingar Hold): Proudspire Manor $25000.

Loot Locations

  • This section underdeveloped. I'll be putting some links here in the near future.- Hunt'n.
  • Eleven Armor of Alteration- Ironbind Barrow.
  • Moonstone Ore- located across road up hill from NightGate Inn.
  • Snowberries- almost anywhere there is snow.
  • Two Handed Combat Book- Ironblind Barrow.

Geographic Location

  • This section underdeveloped. I'll be putting some links here in the near future.- Hunt'n.
  • Tumblearch Pass- North of Whiterun for heading North.
  • Wayward Pass- Good way over Mountains by Nightgate Inn up to vicinity of Winterhold.

Crimes & Punishment

  • Bounties & Crimes- The Bounty for any Crime committed by one of your Followers is automatically assigned to your character.
  • Punishment- Pay fine, or agree to jail time, resist arrest (by backing out of a guard conversation), persuade/bribe guard, try to escape or invoke Thane's Privilege if you have Thane's Task (and are the Thane of a City/Hold)!

Loot Storage

  • Bethesda has made a point of telling players that leaving loot in places other than your own house is risky. This is unverified. In the previous game, Oblivion, you could leave items on the street corner and they would always remain.
  • For purchase, the house in Whiterun is the cheapest. As reported online, a player had good luck storing loot in 3 wardrobes in the "room" that they give you at the College of Winterhold, and also in the small chest next to "your" bed in the Companion's Hall. If you belong to either of those factions you may want to experiment with the storage containers by placing some things in them that you don't care about (like some cheap armor or books or whatever), and see if they stay long enough for you to trust the containers.

Own a Horse

  • Horses@ESWiki- can only run as fast/sprint as you can, but, they are not encumbered by weight and have more stamina than the player.
  • They take you places but are liabilities in that they are frequently attacked and can die. At 10% health they drop you and try to flee. All horses except for two special horses listed below can be repurchased at the appropriate stable. When special horses die, they are gone unless you revert to an earlier save.
  • Shadowmere is a special horse obrtained as a result of the The Purification Quest. . See how to get it in this YouTube Video.
  • Frost is a special horse obtained as a result of the completing the Promises to Keep Quest.

Diseases, Vampirism, & Lycanthropy

  • When fighting deceased/undead enemies, through contact there is always a chance you'll contract some nasty bug. Tip No.2: When everyone tells you how sick you look, check your Magic>Active effects.
  • Detecting Disease- Click on your Magic Tab>Active Effects after each fight you have to see if you have acquired one.
  • Cure Disease- Drink a Cure Disease Potion, found, purchased, or created, or visit a shrine for a blessing.


  • Vampirism is a special class of disease contracted through contact with Vampires. Several dungeons in Skyrim are inhabited by vamps.
  • Vampirism @ESWiki.
  • Vampirism @UESP
  • Vampirism Initial Infection: After you fight any diseased creature, in fact after every fight, check your Active Effects List. There could be a variety of diseases evident. Sanguinare Vampiris is the Vampire infection. If you see this drop everything and drink a Cure Poison potion or visit a Shrine for healing. Approaching twilight, you'll get a message: "You feel a strange thirst as the sun sets". The next morning you'll get the message: "You feel weaker as the Sun rises.
  • After 3 DAYS: You become a vampire and have two choices to cure yourself:

1.Visit a mage named Falion in Morthal the Hold Capital of Hjaalmarch and complete the sidequest: Rising at Dawn. 2. Become a werewolf.

If you allow yourself to contract Vampirism a second time, the quest must be repeated.

Werewolf? THERE WOLF!

  • Selecting Beast Form as favorite This seems unnecessarily confusing. Look under Magic Tab, Powers and select Beast Form as a favorite (highlight and click, puts a favorite mark by it). Then back in the game, in the Quick Select List (Q), highlight it and click it with your left mouse. Now when you hit the same button as you do for Dragon Shouts (Z), you'll turn into a Beast. Assigning a number to quick select this power does not work for me.
  • Become a Werewolf- There are two ways to contract Lycanthropy, either by being attacked by a werewolf or as part of the blood ritual included in The Companions Quest:The Silver Hand.
  • Werewolf Advantage- You can be a bad-ass once per day, at your choosing and kick butt for 2.5 minutes., unless you have the Ring of Hircine, then it's unlimited.
  • Werewolf Disadvantages- You can't loot corpses you've slayed. This could be an annoyance if the person was carrying a needed key, however wait an hour or two and it'll wear off. You can't equip any weapons or spells, shouts or powers, nor look at your inventory. You can't speak to companions and if anyone sees you turn into a werewolf it is a major crime resulting in a 1000 gold fine. You can't get the well rested perk from sleeping in a bed.
  • Lycanthropy Cure: At the end of the Companions Quest line, a Radiant Quest: Purity becomes available to cleanse yourself.

Game Mods/Addons

Only apply to the PC version of Skyrim!

Appearance/Environmental Mods

Gameplay/Inventory Enhancements

  • Arrowsmith- create arrows in batches of 50.
  • Skyrim Enhanced Weapons- My question is how powerful are they and where are they found? 1/14/12.
  • Lockpick Pro.
  • Vals Crafting Meltdown Alpha allows you to melt down items found into their basic ingredients. (from jneb802 11/27/11).
  • QD Inventory- This modification alters the inventory interface to be displayed as a table instead of the usual left-side bar design, which depending on your opinion improves the usability. Extract this folder into your Skyrim/Data/Interface/Inventory components to install. Make sure to create a backup folder containing the interface folder you'll be replacing...
  • SkyUI- Skyrim Interface Enhancer. SkyUI is mod that aims to improve Skyrim's User Interface by making it easier to use with mouse and keyboard, less wasteful of available screen space and nicer to look at. (Not endorsed cause have not used).
  • Wars in Skyrim IV- Sets up increased more intense random encounters in Skyrim!
  • " Categorized Favorites Menu- Combined with SkyUI the interface is so much better. 2/3/12.

Installing Mods

  • The typical way to install a mod is to first go to a site like Curse.com and download the desired mod. Find your Steam folder which is normally installed on the C drive (unless you put it someplace else). Try Program>Files>Steam>steamapps>common>skyrim>Data.
  • Download the mod and unzip it (if necessary). They can consist of texture files, .esp files, .swf files, or other I've-not-yet-seen files. These files are placed into your Skyrim Data Folder. Most mods include Readme files which will tell you where mod components should be placed. The following are general rules which could have exceptions.
  • If it is an .esp file, this is placed in the top level of the Data folder.
  • If the mod consists of only texture modifications, it should have a texture folder you place in the Data folder. Before you start adding mods there will be a large skyrim-textures.bsa file in the Data folder, but there will not be a Texture folder, nor a Meshes folder, and maybe other folders that won't be there until you install a Mod that uses them. All Mods that include Texture files will go into the same Texture folder, but beware that using different texture Mods that do the same thing, alter say faces, could mess up the mod previously installed. Again read the readme file.
  • If the mod is a .swf file, it might also include a .txt file, of which both go into the Data>Interface folder. The Interface folder will be there before you start adding Mod content to it.
  • Activate .ESP Mod- The normal way to activate an Addon is to launch Skyrim and select "Data" off the top menu. If you have installed your addon correctly, its name should appear and is activated by putting a checkmark by the name and clicking "ok". Texture Mods do not have to be activated. Mods that include .esp files must be activated. I'm not sure about Mods that use .swf files. Check it out!
  • Alternate Mod Activation- The alternate way to activate a mod is to navigate to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Skyrim\Plugins.txt. Open this file (Plugins.txt) with a text editor. In Windows just right click and selecting "open" should work. If the addon consists of an .esp file, add a new line with the name of the plugin. If you have no addons currently added it would just say "Skyrim.esm" (no quotes). If you installed something like the Arrowsmith.esp addon (ESP file), you'd create a new line and add "Arrowsmith.esp" (no quotes), then save and close the file. I'm not sure if this step is required when activating a mod that uses .swf files in the Interface folder. Maybe, maybe not. As always if you are worried about modifying any file, make a back up copy of it before you start editing. For people using Cider on a Mac this route is not available.

Cheats/Console Action

  • Only apply to the PC version of Skyrim!
  • The Console is the in-game way to change variables while playing Skyrim. It is pulled up by typing the tilde key (~). A dark screen space will open up at the bottom of the screen. Commands are typed in to change a multitude of character attributes- possessions, skills, etc, quest progress, relocating missing companions, and more. When finished with your CHEATING, exit The Console by typing the tilde key again.
  • Console Command @ESWiki.
  • PCGamer Console Commands.
  • Console Commands@UESP.
  • Console Item Codes @ ESWiki.
  • Console NPC Codes.
  • I'm still looking for a list of Important NPC Codes.- Huntn 12/24/11. Lydia is 00A2C94.
  • Lockpick Pro- a game mod shows you where a lock's sweet spot is.
  • Power Leveling? @justforgamer.
  • Remove Stolen Tag from Items [http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Console
Source: UESP.Net Console Article] This has been added to the cheat section because, no doubt it is a cheat. However there is an in-game glitch where items that I have purchased and given to my follower to hold, or items I have removed from others after defeating them in combat sometimes are labeled as stolen. I'm not sure exactly what the mechanism is, but I know I am not steeling items. So if you are a cheater or a victim, here is how you remove the "Stolen" tag from gear. Simply drop the item on the ground, open the console (~), click on the item (its ID should appear onscreen), and type the command "setownership" (no quotes). It can be difficult to select certain items. You might have to toggle off the console (~), and change the camera angle. If the displayed ID code does not begin with "ff", you have not selected an item, but rather an object in the world (ground texture, light, container, etc.).- Hunt'n 1/17/12.

Follower Cheats

  • Make Your Follower a Pack Mule- Normally if you trade items with your companion npc through the dialog tree, they will appear grayed-out in your inventory when the item's weight is beyond their carrying capacity. However, if you drop the item(s) on the ground, open a dialog with your companion (E), and from the list select, pick- "I need you to...". Your companion will ask you what? Put your cursor on the item you dropped and it should show (E-Take Item). When you hit (E) and it works, your companion will say "got it." You can do this multiple times. In this manner they can carry over their capacity and won't be slowed down. (by solMac 12/16/11) Update 12/28/11- You should retrieve any item/loot you have given a follower to carry, before you dismiss them. Word has it that they may even lose valuable armor you have given them to wear!
  • Revive a Companion Thread- @reddit.com.
  • How I Lost Lydia And Got Her Back- I was headed up to High Hrothgar, jumped down from a ledge, crossed a river and Lydia was gone. I expected she would catch up to me but she never did. After I reached High Hrothgar, I assumed she was not dead so I opened The Console by typing tilde (~), then typed in "player.moveto 000A2C94" (no quotes, 000A2C94 is Lydia's game code) to move me to her location. (Exit The Console by typing in tilde a second time). I found her overlooking a scenic view on the way up to High Hrothgar. With her by my side, I opened the Map and Fast Traveled back to my original location. Look in the Cheat Section (above) for instructions on how to pull up the game console and several handy Console command links. My understanding is that if she or any companion dies, it is possible to resurrect them via the Console, but I have not tried this.- Hunt'n (12/12)
  • Bring Follower to You- For a separated companion here is how to bring Lydia to you: Bring Follower to You- Open the Console by typing tilde (~). Type "Prid Companion ID" <Return> (don't type quotes) then type in "moveto player" <Return>- So for Lydia, the command is "Prid 000A2C94" <Return>, "moveto player". <Return> (NO QUOTES!). Close the Console with ~. -Hunt'n (12/12).
  • Move Player to Companion- Open The Console by typing tilde (~), then type in "player.moveto 000A2C94" (no quotes, 000A2C94 is Lydia's game code) to move me to her location. Exit The Console by typing in tilde a second time. Other companions require a different ID code which I am still looking for.- Huntn (12/27/11).
  • Find Follower Ref IDs- To use Console commands to fetch your favorite Follower, you have to know their ID, an 8 digit code used in the game to identify them. Go to this UESP Follower Link- On this page there are a compilation of Followers. Click on an individual Follower to go to their individual page which should list their Ref ID code.

Game, Graphic Tweaks/Control Adjustments

  • Can't Sleep but want to Wait?- Hit the T button.

All About Game Saves

  • Backup Your Saves- After you've spent a hundred hours or so how would you like to see it all go up in smoke? Backup your Skyrim saves. Find them here: Documents > My Games > Skyrim > Saves. Do it!
  • Custom Save File Names- By default when you save your game it will give you a time and location, but no details. If you want to have a more descriptive Game Save Name, use the Console! Open the Console by typing tilde (~), type in save <game name> without <>, then close the Console with tilde.
  • A New Character and Saves- There is only one Game Save folder for Skyrim. If you create a new character, you'll be able to differentiate Game saves because they are differentiated with your Character Name, Location, and Time Stamp.

Screenshots in Skyrim

  • Taking Screenshot How To @juice.hubpages.com- excellent advice.
  • Fraps- Fraps is the best 3rd party screenshot solution IMO because it also provides a frames-per-second readout. Its screenshots end up in the Fraps directory. There is an upgrade option, but for these basics all you need is the free version.
  • With a PC Keyboard use the PrtScr button (top right) to store screenshots in the games directory, Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\ folder.
  • Take Screenshot with Steam hit F12, a noise and message will appear saying screenshot taken. When you close the game, Steam will offer to manage your screenshot. One of the options is to show the location on your hard drive.
  • Find Your Screenshots in Steam- For the screenshots I took with Steam, when Steam is open, navigate to the Library game list, right click on Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim, and select "view screenshots". In the new window that pops up you should see your screenshots. At that point I choose, "Show on Disk" and a new window opens up with the screens in it. You may find that manually navigatint to this folder can be a chore. I found them in this driectory: Programs>Steam>Userdata>10631344 folder (8 digit no.)>760 folder (3 digit no.)> remote folder>72850 folder (5 digit no.)>screenshots.
  • Remove Hud Before Taking Screenshot- If you time it right, you can freeze the action where you want by hitting the tilde (~) key. This opens the in-game console and freezes the game. Type tm (toggle menu) to remove the game's HUD. If you feel the need, type tfc to free the camera. Adjust the camera, then take your screen shot, in Steam (F12) or if using Fraps, whatever key you have designated. If necessary restore the HUD and lock the camera, then press tilde key second time to exit The Console. Note: when the HUD is turned off, the consol screen is hidden. You just have remember to type tm again to restore the HUD, then tilde (~) a second time to get out of The Console. If for some reason you have exited The Console with the HUD turned off, you are not going to see The Console screen when it is pulled up. The only indication is that the action will stop until you restore the HUD.
  • Taking Action Screenshots- (from juice.hubpages link above). Freeze the action at the appropriate time by hitting the tilde (~) key which opens the consol. Remove the Hud if desired (before or after the following?), then type tfc1 (toggle free camera) and hit tilde (~) again. While the free camera is enable, action is frozen allowing you to swing the camera around for the best shot. When finished, open the console, type tfc0 to return to a normal camera, restore the Hud, and close the consol returning to the action.

Edit: I found that using tfc toggled the free camera on and off.- Huntn (12/27/11).

  • Screenshot not appearing- If screenshots not appearing checking Users/(username)/My Documents/My Games/Skyrim skyrim.ini file to make sure the bAllowscreenshot function is set to 1 instead of 0. (The ini.file might be in your skyrim game directory).

Online Graphic Tweaks

  • Change Field of View (FOV)- To see more of character's hands and weapons, you'll want to follow these instructions. While in-game, press the Tilde '~' key, then type FOV=XX (with XX = 80 to 85 is a good range) denoting the FOV number. Experiment with different settings. MyCheats Skyrim Graphics and Tweaks Guide
  • Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing (FXAA) On or Off? Turn off AA off to increase performance at the risk of running into a whole bunch of jagged texture images. FXAA is kind of the same thing, except its performance hit to your machine tends to be minimal with comparable quality to playing with anti-aliasing turned on. See MyCheats Skyrim Graphics and Tweaks Guide for specific performance examples.
    • Improving Shadows- Open the SkyrimPrefs.ini located in Skyrim directory. Backup before modifying. These instructions will allow you to improve the look and shadows of trees and some land objects by allowing them to receive shadows. MyCheats Skyrim Graphics and Tweaks Guide
    • Under "[Display]" change following to 1:

bTreesReceiveShadows=1 bDrawLandShadows=1

    • Other variables:
    • bDoDepthOfField=1
    • bShowFloatingQuestMarkers=1
    • bShowQuestMarkers=1
    • bShowCompass=1
    • bMouseAcceleration=1 (recommended setting is 0 for better mouse movement)
    • fAutosaveEveryXMins=15.0000