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Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion- if you like Role Playing Games, this is too good of a game not to check out. This game entertained me for more than a year and with the arrival of Intel Macs I was thrilled when I gained the ability to play this on my MacBookPro. This guide was established in Aug08.

To play this game on your Intel Mac, you'll need to purchase a copy of Windows (Windows XP or Vista) and then use Apple's Boot Camp to install windows on a separate partition on your Mac. Read about Boot Camp and see the MacRumors Guide: Windows Gaming on a Mac.-Dave Peck (Hunt'n)

Non-Official History

  • 8/28/08- Added Potion Content; added Quest Tip/Spoiler Content, Sneaking Content, Spells Content.
  • 9/2/08- Clarified what some potions like Burden and Feather do. Clarified some of the mods.


Oblivion Screen Shots

Note: Links are perishable.

Oblivion, Is It A Good Game?

One writers opinion:

Be advised that I am an Oblivion fanatic. No, it's not a perfect game. It has some pretty big flaws but it's still the best RPG I've ever played. My playlist includes NeverWinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, Ice Wind Dale, NeverWinter Nights 2, Gothic 2, Gothic 3, & Dark Messiah Demo. I'm not comparing it to MMORPGs and I do have Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind on my "to-play" list. While other games are good, they still feel like games.

The fidelity of Oblivion's environment is so outstanding that it feels like I am looking into another exotic world that is wide open for exploration and discovery. While other games offer game immersion, Oblivion offers world immersion. See that mountain over there, I can ride over to it and start exploring without any invisible walls or barriers to keep me hemmed into a tight path. You can play in either 1st or 3rd person view. I tend to choose 3rd person because not having peripheral vision, it gives me better situational awareness. Although I prefer 3rd person view, when conversations happen, they go first person, just like your talking to someone. I really don't like in Gothic 3, when during conversations the view auto moves around to a 90° position showing the two people who are talking. Then I can see my character moving around nodding his head and gesturing during conversation making it more like a scripted cut scene. Really bad for immersion imo.- Hunt'n

Oblivions best points-

  • Outstanding immersive world.
  • Incredibly good atmospheric conditions. Swaying trees and plants, sunny, overcast, stormy downpours. It feels like your there.
  • Outstanding environmental sounds.
  • No level linearity, a wide open, go anywhere world. Quest chains tend to be more linear, but some quests objectives (for example having to explore multiple dungeons to satisfy one quest) can be done in any order of your preference.
  • Interesting quests.
  • Traditional RPG elements.
  • Dynamic Combat- Real fights where your ability to move, block, and counter makes a difference.
  • Play when you want, explore as much as you want and not miss a thing (compared to a MMO).
  • Nice Camera- 1st or 3rd person complete freedom in all directions, no muss, no fuss.
  • Lots of mods that can alter game play to suit your preferences.
  • Lots of potions & spells.
  • Play good, bad, or be a thief, assassin, or vampire.
  • NPCs have routines- they sleep, they hang out at the tavern, they go to work.

Oblivions lesser points (depending on your preference)-

  • No multiplayer, no group efforts.
  • Mostly single player adventure- minimal NPC help although there is a companion mod.
  • Mobs level with you to some degree- which is disagreeable to some players. This may have a tendency to make combat feel repetitive but as a level 38 you will feel stronger compared to mobs then you did at level 15 or below.
  • Combat -Some players won't like Dynamic Combat and prefer the roll-the-dice aspect of Dungeons and Dragons type combat.
  1. No giant fights- it's mostly 1v1, 1v2, 1v3. As a rule, you can't handle 1v3; 1v2 can be questionable if you allow yourself to be beat on.
  2. Combat can be paused to select potions, weapons, and spells.
  3. Combat can feel repetitive, especially the routine of fight, run away while healing, fight, etc.
  • Ugly characters (as compared to WoW)- mitigated by beauty pack mods.
  • Makes use of accelerated time. I've not timed it but 1 hr of play time= about 6 hr of oblivion time.
  • Too many Oblivion gates to close, too much all most identical content based on those gates, and they can be ignored without any consequences to the Province of Cyrodiil.
  • A cave is a cave is a cave. A dungeon is a dungeon is a dungeon- they all look about the same, nothing that really differentiates them.
  • A static world. NPCs do have routines, you can complete quests and raise your stats, but nothing else changes regardless of what the character does. I know of one example where you help 2 brothers take back their farm. And if you come back later, they actually have fixed it up but this is a minor exception.
  • Main Quest finale will be a disappointment to some players.
  • Stupid A.I.- Mobs are not very smart when your standing on a rock. They don't realize they can circle around to get at you.
  • Horses are of minimal value- if they get beat on enough they die. You can run or use fast travel in leu of a horsey.


Shivering Isle Bug

Read about it at UESP Wiki.net and about the beta patch at Elder Scrolls Download.com page. This bug effects Shivering Isle or classic Oblivion game play. And I just bought Shimmering Isles.

More info from Elder Scrolls Download.com page: 1. Known Issues and Troubleshooting Uninstalling Shivering Isles: Uninstalling Shivering Isles removes many files that are required by Oblivion to play. To play Oblivion after uninstalling Shivering Isles, you must first uninstall and reinstall Oblivion to properly replace the needed files. (This may require reinstallation of mods)

Installation Issue

If you repeatedly uninstall and re-install Oblivion, certain systems will display an error message if you try to uninstall Oblivion again. To fix this, put your Oblivion disk in and run setup.exe. This will clear up the error and you can uninstall and reinstall the game.

Slow Animation Bug

  • Usually effects saved games with over 200 hours of play time.

(From Gloops & Atticus at IMG) It's a really odd bug. Cast a spell and you'll be left enveloped in a static haze of spell effect, or doors can take about 5 minutes to creak open. Everything else continues to run at normal speed. It can start at any time, usually after 200 hours, and is most noticeable when you're exploring a cave or ruin. Bethesda know about it but have been unable to fix it thus far.

Apparently, this is because the integer or something for a particluar byte in a saved game file reaches a value that is too high (anything over 40), which for some reason affects the animations. The above utility resets the value to 40, which fixes the problem. Way cool. Fortunately for PC users there's a handy utility.

This program, OAF, will un-stick your animations in Oblivion. All types of animations can become stuck in Oblivion such as fires, torches, magic effects, doors and moveable platforms. You will know when this happens. It is usually reported to occur in games with greater than 200 hours of playtime. This program should not be used to fix anything except stuck animations and can not be used to prevent stuck animations. This program does not fix corrupted savegame files. The program modifies one byte in your savegame file that has been found to be involved in this problem. This solution should be considered an un-official fix which will not be supported by Bethesda Softworks, the publisher of the game Oblivion.

Note: Also see the Quiet Feet Mod listed in the Mod Section if animals walking by brings your game to a crawl.

Oblivion Tips/Cheats & Misc Links

Can Oblivion Be Played on a MacBook?

Can Oblivion be played on a MacBook with integrated graphics? Some say yes, but don't expect good performance.

  • Intel Link describing performance of games on its 945GM Express Chipset family. (Note the MacBook uses the Intel 950 chipset, but I believe the 945 can be used for reference.)
  • Note: MacBookPro and MacPro performance is good with this game.

Armor Repair

Is self repair worth the effort? Visiting the blacksmith can ring up quite a bill when it comes to armor repair. Most like you have dabbled with repairing your armor when you find repair hammers and have taken some training from a black smith. Instead of having the black smith always repair your stuff, buy a load of hammers and do your own repairs to increase your skills. I've not verified the exact cost, but I think you save by using repair hammers yourself. Note: enchanted weapons and armor require a journeyman of repair so you'll have to keep using the blacksmith for a while.


Are they Worth Reading? Yes! Some books act as training devices that will increase specific skill levels.

Are You a Charmer?

When talking to NPCs looking for information their disposition can have an effect on how much info you get. When you select a NPC there is a head icon on the bottom left of your screen which can be used to raise their disposition. Depending on the situation different choices may appear like "admire" or "bribe". However there are some cases when a NPC's disposition can be maxed and you still won't get the info needed unless your a charmer. Whenever you stumble across a charm scroll, be sure to keep it for those occasions. Honestly you might not even know if a charm spell will make a difference unless you have read one of the many walk throughs or guides available. The other option is being an aficionado of Illusion Magic and practice until you can you purchase a charm spell and always use it prior to conversations. I recently acquired the Enthralling Presence charm which raises an NPC's disposition by 24 points. This made the difference in The Brotherhood Betrayed quest.

Oblivion Combat

How does it compare to WoW?

One writers opinion. It's hard to compare WoW combat to Oblivion. For one thing you can pause the fight to select spells and potions. Compared to WoW, this might feel like cheating but as you know it's a common feature of RPGs. Combat is different than WoW from a skill standpoint. Or to be fair it's a different kind of skill required. WoW is knowing your attacks and attack combos well. Oblivion is knowing your attacks and moving. I remember the attack combos in WoW to be more complicated and due to "real time" more challenging. But Oblivion is better from the aspect that you can move, time attacks, and move to avoid being hit. Most times you can't just stand there and take a beating. Over time combat in both WoW and Oblivion can seem repetitious with the edge going to WoW for variety of attacks. In Oblivion a good combat pattern is physical attack, magic attack, or combinations until 50% health, then run around avoiding being hit while healing. Potions and spells should be included in the combat bag of tricks such as poisoning blades, relfecting spells, siphoning magicka, shield, burden, etc. When using physical attack don't overlook using a power attack. This is achieved by holding the attack mouse button. It has an impact.

The fact that Mobs level with you to a degree floors some players. So there are no areas where the mobs will totally kick your butt, but then again, you can do any ruin/cave in any order and always have a challenge. (Note: If you don't level properly you'll get into a situation where mobs will kick your butt on a continuing basis! See the section on Leveling.) So unlike WoW there is never a zone where you'll have to run for your life due to high level mobs coming for you. Some of the gouls/zombies I'm running into are very tough, requiring lots of running away while I regain mana (mostly for healing unless I use a potion to restore mana or health).

Comparing Oblivion combat with traditional Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Roll-The-Dice combat.

Some players who have grown up with NWN or other RPGs that rely on D&D combat, where it's a roll of the dice that determines how well you character fights, may be put off by Oblivion's dynamic combat. In D&D combat, it's a combination of your characters level, skills, and the dice against an opponent that determine how combat goes. It's arguable that dynamic combat RPGs do the same thing, but it does not feel the same because you can move to dodge attacks, and you can block, and time your attacks. Some traditional RPG fans will go as far as to say that dynamic combat is just First Person Shooter (FPS) tactics. However, this is not true. Your character's skill and level compared to your opponent has the overall influence on how well you can fight, despite your being able to move. If you have high agility (dodge), this factors into how much damage you take when you are hit. This is not like an FPS where it's raw reflexes and aim that determine how potent a fighter you are. I am a big fan of Dynamic Combat because from an immersion standpoint, it makes me feel like I'm there fighting versus just clicking on what attack I'm going to use next.

Combat Tip

First of all, make sure you read the "Leveling the Right Way" section. Ok, you say you're finding combat too tough for your character? A power attack is executed by holding down your attack mouse button. Not enough help? Go find a big rock to hop on. A.I. is such that mobs always make a bee-line for you. If necessary, summon a scamp or skelly in front of the rock. The mob will stop to fight it. Then run around the back side and hop up moving forward to a portion of the rock that the mob can't scale. Most mobs will have difficulty reaching you or figuring out that if they just run around the rock, they could hop up too. From this vantage you can reign down magic and arrows until they expire. And if your in a really tough spot such as taking the castle in Kvatch, while standing on the rock, summon your Daedroth multiple times. The big lizard knows how to put the hurt'n on the bad guys. (note: To summon a Daedroth you must concentrate on Conjuration Magic).

Console Cheats

See the Consol Command Tutorial for more info.

Player Add item console cheat:

  • Open Consol by selecting the Tilde (~) key
  • Type: player.additem <Code> <Quantity> using one of the codes in the ConsolItemCodes list. Do not include <>, see the format below.

Need more lockpicks?

To add 50 lockpicks:

  • Tilde (~)
  • Type: player.additem A 50
  • >return<
  • Tilde (~)

Need more gold?

Substitiute the A for an F (in above example).

Set Friendly NPCs to Ignore Accidental Hits'

Hitting friendlies in Oblivion is a big problem in tight quarter fights. More than once I've had friendlies snarl or come after me after I've inadvertantly struck them. This consol commands allows you to set a friendly NPC so they will ignore hits in combat and out of combat they will allow 3 hits before turning on you.

  • Tilde (~)
  • Click on the NPC with the consol open to designate them.
  • Type: SetIgnoreFriendlyHits 1
  • >return<
  • Tilde (~)
  • To turn this command off use: SetIgnoreFriendlyHits 0

Add/Remove Spells:

Daedric Helmit- How to find one in 5 min

How-to by Master Leo in Elderscrolls forums.

  • Requirements: You have to be level 20 for Daedric armor to appear in the game, and lvl 22+ to have Enchanted Daedric armor appear in the game. You have to be able to kill a few Marauders.
  • How to do it:

You need to locate a place called Fort Wooden Hand. It's practically in the middle of nowhere so here's a few tips how to locate it:

On the world map, it's a little to the south of the first letter "T" in the geographical name "The Great Forest". On the world map it's to the NE of Skingrad and on the SE of Chorrol, approximately where imaginary lines from both of these locations meet. It's slightly to the SE of the Molag Bal's Shrine.

Okay now that you have located the Fort, go inside and kill all the Marauders on the first level. Inside you'll find two doors leading to a place called Fort Wooden Hand Stockade. Ignore the first (single) door and proceed to the second (double) door. Before you enter the double door, SAVE THE GAME.

Now enter the stockade and inside you'll find a very small throne kind of room that has a Marauder Warlord and Marauder Archer. Marauder Warlord has a high chance of having a helmet on his head. You can see what he is wearing right from the entry point. If he doesn't have the helmet, RELOAD and enter the place again. Do this until he wears a Daedric helmet. Now kill him and grab the helmet.

You can also use this trick to get other missing pieces of a Daedric armor set.

The room also has a large boss chest inside you can check for extra loot. Casting a 100 Luck / 2 sec spell before entering the stockade will improve the loot you find in this chest.

NOTE: It's not possible to get a Glass helmet that way, since Marauders ALWAYS carry Heavy armor!

Horse Info

Should you buy a horse?

Only if you really want to. As you follow the main quest you'll be offered a horse for free. Besides if attacked enough by mobs horses will die, and it's more fun to either run across country or use fast travel. After a bear killed my free horsey I restarted from my latest save and keep him stabled near by. Note: plants can be harvested from horseback. See this Horse link at UESP.net wiki.

Horse Healing:

If you get close to your horse you'll see his health displayed as an arc. If he/she is completely healthy no arc appears. A small arc means the horse is near death. Cougars and bears can kill a horse in short order. Using a Spell called Convalescence or Greater Convalescence your horse can be healed. If you don't allow your horse to get beat upon too much, healing works but it is a time consuming endeavor. Saddle Bags and the Call steed mods makes a horse a valuable asset as walking storage. Many players opt to run across country for health benefits. With the use of the Call Steed Mod which comes with a Horse Whisperer ring, horses can be taught to follow allowing your character to run for the extra agility benefits.

Bethesda Horse Armor

Bethesda sells a Horse Armor plugin that can protect your horse but currently there is a conflict between the Horse Armor plugin and the Call Steed mod. Horse Armor kills the Call Steed mod but an update to the Call Steed mod is due soon. See the Horse Mods in the mod Section.

How to remove your Armored Horse and replace it with the original or another horse

I have not verified this and I don't know if there are any ownership issues by using doing the following.- Hunt'n

It's actually simpler than you'd expect. The armored horse is a completely new horse (it replaces the original when you buy the armor). So to get your unarmored horse back open the consol using the tilde (~) key and type the command Player.PlaceAtMe FormID, inserting one of the IDs on this UESP Wiki page for whichever horse it is that you have. Note, the IDs start about half way down the linked page under Complete List of Horses. The Code looks like this: 0001F11D. Then select the armored horse with the consol open and type Disable to remove it. For more on Consol Commands, see the UESP Wiki Consol Command Tutorial.

To restore an armored horse that has been removed using the previous technique: If you write down the in-game ID (at the top of the screen when you select the horse) before deleting the horse, you can go back at any time and type PRID ID (using the horse's ID for the ID) then type Enable to bring it back.

To make a horse yours:

Just select it and using the console type SetOwnership and it's yours.

Naming Your Horse

- See the naming your horse paragraph on this page at UESP.net wiki.

Should you use a horse to haul equipment?

- The SaddleBags mod is very helpful until your horse up and disappears on you. Yes it sometimes happens due to game mechanics of fast travel and such.

Horses 101

Q: is my horse injured ?

  • A: you can see it if you look at it. There is a half-circle shaped health bar above the crosshair if the horse is not in full health. The smaller it is, the less health. A healthy horse shows no bar.

Q: my horse is injured. what can I do ?

  • A1: heal it. Any "heal others" spell will do. Either create one in the academy or buy one in a chapel (they are usually called "convalescense" spells).
  • A2: Wait. Just wait, together with your horse. Hit "T", select one hour, and both you and your horse are fully healed.

Q: is the horse armour DLC worth it ?

  • A: yes. Not only you get more robust horses, but you also get a distinctive look for your horse, which is helpful in quite a few situations

Q: Where is my horse?

  • A: If you have lost track of your horse the easiest step is to fast travel to a city. In many cases you'll receive a message saying the horse is stabled outside the city. If this does not happen, return to where you purchased the horse. I found mine there on one occasion. Finally there is a horse mod called Dude, Where is my horse which can be used to locate your animal.

Leveling The Right Way

In Oblivion you can choose when to level up. When a certain level of experience (XP) is gained, the level-up icon appears. Leveling is accomplished by sleeping. There appears to be no adverse effect from delaying sleep. Some players level up based on a variety of skills as soon as they can, but not combat- melee sword/blunt or destruction spells. In otherwords, they work on alchemy or other magic talents and gain enough skill points to level. As mobs level with you to some degree, your character can get into a bind if your not concentrating on combat skills as you level. This situation makes you weak from a combat perspective. The primary skills of mobs is beating up on you so if they are leveling along with you and combat skills have been ignored, prepare for an ass woop'n.

I've found that even if I don't level, my skills still increase. So when the level up icon appears, I'll probably go do another dungeon or two before choosing to sleep. My theory is that I can keep improving my combat skills, while avoiding a situation where the mobs get harder to beat. This seems to keep me competitive versus the first time I played an Oblivion character, but this theory is unconfirmed. See the section on Combat.

Are you Lucky?

Don't underestimate the power of luck and luck potions/spells in oblivion when it comes to finding stellar loot in dungeons. It's reported that the game looks at your luck rating when entering a dungeon. Although potions/spells, some only last 10 seconds long, they can be applied just prior to entering a dungeon. See the following from this ElderScrolls.com post (link is perishable):

Well, I have a ton of magicka as I'm a level 49, dark elf, apprentice birth sign. I've enchanted some boots with fortify magicka 50 points (from a sigil stone) as well. So, alot of Magicka you'll need. I made my spells to fortify luck +100 for ten seconds. I cast fortify luck (the plus 10 in the game), then three different fortify luck spells. I can cast them all three within 10 seconds of each other (time doesn't count when you're in the journal) and I do it JUST outside the door to a cavern - such as Robbers Glen. Here's the method:

Get right ouside the door to the cave you want-

  • Cast a Daylight spell
  • Cast Greater Fortify Luck (lasts 30 seconds, so no problem there)
  • Cast +100 luck spell and then quickly go to journal
  • Cast second +100 luck spell and quickly go to journal
  • Cast third +100 luck spell and quickly press start to save the game
  • Immediately go in the door.

Once inside the cave, I look at my journal just to check out my luck stat. My luck is now at 360 or so, and I've got my game saved ready to go into the cave. If I don't get what I want, I just reload and try again. I've seen SERIOUS improvement in getting the best items in the game by going to +300 in the luck category. I used to do about 70 luck, then even tried 150 for awhile. When I hit +300 and started getting silly with the spells, it paid off big time.


Many mods are by no means perfect. Some mods while improving one aspect of the game have a negative impact on gameplay. See notes by individual mods.

Mods are installed by uncompressing the file and dumping the contents in your Oblivion/Data folder. See this link and the links for installing mods at the top of this Guide. Some mods include Textures or Meshes folders. Take care if such a folder all ready exists in the Data folder to add to it, not over-write it. After adding to the Data folder, when starting Oblivion, click on "Data Files" on the launch page and activate the desired mods by putting a check in the box, then play the game.

3rd Person Crosshair

  • Adds a crosshair in third person, with options to reduce the size of the crosshair and to move the "sneak" icon down to the bottom of the screen. No gameplay hit.


  • Quest suggests that it balances Oblivion for better game play. See the read me at the link for all the changes.

Alternative Start

  • For those who are not happy with the main quest, this mod starts the game with the main quest turned off.

Ariana Trudeaux

  • Companion mod, places her outside the Arena in the fist fighting area around back from the entrance. A little small talk and she will join your party. Realize that companions will slow down the rate at which you level by stealing some of your xp in fights. But in a game with mobs that level with you, that should not be a huge deal, right? A bigger deal is that this companion is invincible which has a gameplay impact.
  • Companion Update: It's tough to do an inventory share and get her to put her original clothes back on. In other words, if you open the share window and then close it, she won't be wearing her armor even if you taking nothing. However, you can get her to wear new items. So at this point, it's best to get her a complete set of stuff then swap it out.
  • Ariana also has an inconsistent ability to traverse the landscape. If you jump down or go swimming, there is a good chance that she will take off in another direction in an attempt to keep up with you.
  • For those worried about realism, Ariana is invincible and can't be killed, although she can be knocked out. This has a definite impact on gameplay. It's nice having her along in that not all of the mobs are focused on you. Her armor items can be allowed to degrade with no ill effect in other that she'll tend to be knocked out more often.

BT Mod

  • One of those "way the game was really meant to be" mods. Does a bunch of stuff to improve the UI, basically reducing everything from its console hugeness so that you can see more items in you inventory and other menus. It also has options to remove either the quest markers or points of interest indicators or both from your compass, since many people find that makes the game too easy. I personally take the quest markers off, but leave the POI markers. No gameplay hit.

Call Steed

  • Mod that allows you to call your horse to you. A horse whisperer ring when worn will make the horse follow you around. This can be handy but I've not checked out from how far away a horse can be called.
  • NOTE: This mod does not work properly with the official Oblivion Horse Armor plugin. A update is due in the near future.

Cheydinhal Petshop

  • High quality mod places a petshop and pet stable area outside the gates of Cheydinhal (down the road a bit to the left) allowing you to purchase a variety of pets that level with you. I don't know much about how often they must be fed and how often they must go to the vet for healing. Time will tell.
  • Petshop Mod Update- Hold the phone! After spending 1300 gold on a white tiger (petshop mod), it died without fighting, by jumping off a rock I jumped off. I heard a groan and watched him colapse. Wimp! I also noticed my new companion could not negotiate doors along with me, the pet was stranded unless I fast traveled between 2 points. If there is not an .ini setting to toughen up a pet, or a way to fix the door negotiation, then this mod is pretty worthless.

Dude, Where is my horse?

  • Mod helps you keep track of your horse.

Lost Paladins of the Divines

  • Buy the Lost Paladin of the Divines book at the Imperial City market to start your search for the relics tat make up the Heaven's Wrath and Heaven's Fury armor sets. Four new monsters present challenges. (published in PCGamer Jan08)

The Lost Spires

  • A new archaeology guild is the start of 15 hours of adventures. Involves Warlocks, 10 locations in Cryodill, deep dngeons and an Ayleid labyrinth. (published in PCGamer Jan08)

Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul

  • Removes level scaling from Oblivion. Reported to conflict with some other mods. See link for more info.

No Psychic Guards

  • Who needs or wants psychic guards? Not me. Prevents guards from always catching you when you steal something. For example, you sneak into a house and pick up an item, then immediately you are confronted by a guard. They did not see you go in, so how did they know you stole something? Cause they are psychic. ;) With this mod they can still catch you but they must be closer to figure out your stealing something. This mod effects gameplay in a positive way.

Quiet Feet Mod

  • On some iMacs it has been reported that flocks of animals walking by can cause frame rates to drop to a crawl. Apparently the way the game calculates the sound for creatures is different to NPCs and onboard sound cards can't cope (so all Macs basically). The solution is a little radical in that it removes all the creature feet sounds, which doesn't really matter for mountain lions or sheep, but it makes your horse sound like he's wearing fluffy slippers. But it stops the stuttering.

Ren's Beauty Pack

  • No negative impact on gameplay! Tell us Bethesda, why the heck are Oblivion character models so ugly?? This mod allows you to create pretty characters (Mystic Elves) in Oblivion. This one works!
  • Note, you'll need a Windows decompression utility like a zip utility like 7z that will uncompress 7z files which some of these mods are stored as.
  • Also note you'll need the Custom Race Fix or so the read me says so that when you start your new character, the game will allow your new character to start playing. Check these before and the after portraits. First shot is a funky looking dark elf with funky hair. Second shot is the sexy Mystic Elf character. Of course you tastes may differ from mine.
  • This mod unstuffs as a Data folder. Be careful when you move the individual sub folders into the Textures and Meshes folders. If you have other mods installed, don't inadvertently erase other mod's data.


  • An outstanding mod that outfits your horse with saddlebags to carry extra items. Be careful horses along with your equipment can disappear.

NOTE: This mod does not works properly with the official Oblivion Horse Armor plugin. A update is due in the near future.

Servant of the Dawn

  • This mod adds a quest line for those who have completed the main quest and want to more fully explore the Mythic Dawn faction.

Summon DoppleGanger

  • Allows you to obtain a spell that summons a copy of yourself for 5 minutes who will help you fight. Better than a companion? This remains to be seen. :)

Texture LOD replacement

  • Replace the textures in the "next tile over" on the world map with higher resolution ones. Author claims no performance hit, but you mileage may vary. Helps the terrain look less like crap when it's just on the other side of the river or whatever. Check out pictures here.


Visit these links:

Potions are made using a mortar & pestle, a retort, calcinator, and an almebic. These items are obtained at the local mages guild. As an alchemy novice, when one of these items are clicked on in your inventory, a blank potion window appears with 2 open slots. This is where potions are created.

As your potion skill rises, eventually ingredients will show up to 4 qualities. It only takes 2 ingredients to make a potion. Predominant qualities prevail when two items with the same qualities are mixed. Experiment as necessary. Ingredients for popular potions are listed below. Once your skill at potions increase you'll be able to make potions with 2, 3, or 4 ingredients. More ingredients means more effects and possibly stronger effects. A good feature of the interface is that you can see what your going to get before you actually make the potion.

I've found the following to be vital potions to possess. Although I've not needed Cure Poison, I imagine that Cure Poison effects you in a similar manner to Cure Disease, so when you need it you really need it.

Potions and Their Ingredients: Note: Number listed after ingredient indicates if it's a primary effect, secondary effect, etc.


Burden increases burden on mobs making it harder for them to move.

  • Daedra Silk
  • Morning Glory Root Pulp
  • Fly Amanita Cap 2
  • Minotaur Horn 2
  • Nightshade 2
  • Pinarus Prize Minotaur Horn 2
  • Bloodgrass 3
  • Daedroth Teeth 3
  • Ginsing 3
  • Jumbo Potatoe 3
  • Orange 3
  • Potatoe 3
  • Tomato 3
  • Viper Bugloss Leaves 3
  • Watermellon 3
  • Arrowroot 4
  • Boarmeat 4
  • Monkshood Root Pulp 4
  • Radish 4
  • Steel Blue Entoloma Cap 4
  • Sweetcakes 4

Cure Disease

Certain diseases will cause your mana generating to stop. A disease such as vampirism shows no outward symptoms. Frequently verify a character's disease status by viewing the Magic tab- Active effects for any that are listed as "drain". Click on them for more information about your affliction. See the Vampire section for more disease info.

  • Clannfear Claws
  • Mandrake Root
  • Root Pulp
  • Shepard’s Pie
  • Elf Cup Cap 2

Cure Poison

  • Ginsing 2
  • Redwort Flower 2
  • Strawberry 2
  • St. Jahn’s Wort Nectar 3

Restore Magicka

  • Bog Beacon Asco Cap
  • Flax Seeds
  • Lichor
  • Steel Blue Entoloma Cap
  • Void Salts
  • Stinkhorn Cap 2
  • Fire Salts 3
  • Water Hyacinth Nectar 3
  • Blackberry 4
  • Painted Troll Fat 4

Restore Health

  • Ambrosia
  • Boarmeat
  • Cairn Bolete Cap
  • Daedra Heart
  • Human Heart
  • Lady’s Mantel Leaves
  • Mugwort Seeds
  • Venison
  • Aloe Vera 2
  • Ham 2
  • Painted Troll Fat 2
  • S’jirra’s Famous Potato Bread 2
  • Dragon’s Tongue 3
  • Fly Amanita Cap 3
  • Lavendar Sprig 3
  • Sweetcakes 3
  • Green Stain Shelf Cap 4


Makes you lighter allowing you to haul more loot out of dungeons.

  • Flax Seeds 2
  • Sweetcakes 2
  • Sacred Lotus Seeds 3
  • Venison 2
  • Lady’s Mantle Leaves 4
  • Somnalius Frond 4

Quests Tips and Spoilers

Most of this content includes SPOILERS. My recommendation is to try the particular quest first before reading these tips.

Main Quest Chain

Quest: Paradise In this fight you have the bad guy, Mankar Camoran and two helpers. The catch is that all of the souls in this paradise are souls that can't be permanently killed- they come back to fight. The good news is that you have a helper too, a rebellious soul who has considered his past evil deeds and wants to help you. In the boss fight, if you spend time trying to kill the helpers and their spawn, it's going to make for a very long fight.

Keep in mind I have developed my character as a magic/light armor specialist. In my case, magic and custom spells are essential to success. Someone specializing in heavy armor melee would be using different sorts of attacks but the focus would still remain on Camoran.

In my first attempt I ran around and attacked whomever. Five min later and I had achieved no real progress on Camoran at all. Obviously this was no good. The key is to focus all of your energy on Camoran from the start. He is a very good healer so if you wear him down and then run off to heal, you'll most likely come back to find a full-health Camoran.

So I spawned a Daedric Lord using conjuration (prior to outright hostilities erumpting) to take some of the heat off myself. Then before he outright attacked me, I hit him with my enchanted "silence" staff at the beginning of the fight to keep him from spawning big things that hit me. Luckily he backed into a corner where I pulled out an enchanted sword and along with my helper soul pummeled him to death in about 20 seconds.

Climax of Main Quest: Light the Dagon Fires Warning Major Spoiler Most of the fighting in this quest happens in the Palace District. All though most of the bad guys are waiting to rumble with you in the Temple District. Here's the irony- There's no fighting you have to do in the Temple District if you don't want too.

Here is the background: the last four attempts I've made to get Martin to the Temple of the One (in the Temple District) consisted of sticking by him, healing him, and knocking down foes. To my utter horror, after multiple failures and after finally breaking down and reading a quest guide, this quest is un-winnable if that is what you do. I was expecting a major fight and I was getting it, holding my own and healing Martin, but every time he kept dieing on me! But he is going to die if you don't run to Mehrunes Dagon and get a journal entry, it's as simple as that. The solution is so easy, it's laughable and disappointing.

When getting ready to enter the Temple district, just run in ahead of Martin. He stays behind the door. Or if for some reason you follow Martin into the Temple district, either case, simply run towards Mehrunes Dagon for the journal entry. Martin will run up to you for a quick chat in the middle of battle. If he is waiting for you in the Palace District go back to him and have your talk. He wants you to lead him to the Temple. Run counter clockwise around, past Mehrunes Dagon to the temple door. Inside everything just happens with a happy ending, and it's over, the threat to Cyrodiil that is. Anyhow, sigh. This is the kind of convention in a game that really drives me loco. But still I feel this sense of relief having saved the empire- Hazza!

Missing Painter Quest

In Cheydinhal- It should be obvious, but be sure you apply the turpentine to your blade prior to attacking the Painted Trolls.

Through a Nightmare, Darkly

in Bravil- Fairly easy Mage related quest.

  • For the Test of Patience, view the mysterious scroll at the beginning of this section. Connect the runes to the blocks, and follow the ones that don't get you killed.
  • For the Test of Resolve, use the Lightning Staff to put down the Minotaurs while not letting them hit you.
  • For the Test of Perception- run baby run and the falling items will miss.
  • For the Test of Courage- swim and don't drown. Supplied breathing potions help.

Umbra Sword Quest

For the day linked material disappears: The Umbra sword is a very nice, jet-black, single handed longsword. To obtain it you must be at least level 20. Travel along the Gold Road heading north from Skingrad until you come to the shrine of the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile. You will need to make an offering of 500 gold to his shrine . Talk to one of the followers there to start the quest. Clavicus will tell you to go to the town of Pell's Gate, I won't bother with locations from here on they will be marked on your map. He wants you to search for Umbra and return it to him. Throughout the quest Barbas, Clavicus' dog, will tell you that the sword will destroy Clavicus if you give it to him., discard this for now. In Pell's Gate find Irroki the wide, get him to like you, and ask about Umbra.

You will then need to head to Vindasel, and kill Umbra, the wielder of the sword Umbra. She will give you a choice to leave and live, or fight and die. KILL HER! Don't be frightened and get that sword! After getting the sword you can either give it to Clauvicus for a unique helmet the will raise your personality or keep it. Do neither. Instead do not finish the quest. Umbra does a large amount of damage and has the ability of soultrap placed on it. If you finish the quest it will weigh 45 pounds, but don't finish it and it will stay a quest item. All quest items are weightless so this makes it quite useful.

There may be some other reprocussions by not giving him the sword for the quest, telling him you won't give it to him not keeping the quest incomplete, because he mentions keeping an eye on you.

Save Game with Custom Name

Open the consol and type 2 words, "save" and the "name" (of your saved game) separated by a space without quotes. The name itself must be one blurb, not 2 words.

  • Tilde (~)
  • save name
  • >return<
  • Tilde (~)

Taking Screen Shots in Oblivion

Screenshots 101 from Elderscrolls.com, this link is perishable.

It is important to note that enabling screenshots in Oblivion is slightly different than it was in Morrowind. There are two .ini files for Oblivion, one in the game install directory and another in your My Documents directory.

The one in My Documents is the one you'll need to change. Detailed instructions below:

  1. Exit Oblivion
  2. Find the Oblivion.ini file in My Documents\My Games\OblivionNOTE: Oblivion_default.ini in Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion is NOT the one you're looking for!
  3. Make a copy of the .ini file. It is very important to make a back-up copy of the .ini file in case of errors.
  4. Open the Oblivion.ini file in Notepad
  5. Find the line "bAllowScreenShot=0" and change it to "bAllowScreenShot=1"
  6. Save your changes and close Notepad
  7. Start Oblivion as usual
  8. When you want to take a screenshot, press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard – it's usually to the right of your F-keys. If successful, you should see a large message in the upper-left of your screen that says "ScreenShot: File 'ScreenShot0.bmp' created." Everytime you take a screenshot, Oblivion will create a new .bmp with a new filename (one number larger than the previous screenshot).
  9. All screenshots are stored as .bmp files in the root of your Oblivion directory. Unless you changed the install directory during the installation of Oblivion, it should be in C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion.

If You Can't Find the .ini File. If you cannot see your Oblivion.ini file, it is possible that your system is set to "hide" certain file types. To check and see if it's set up that way, go to your Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Folder Options. In the Folder Options dialogue box, click on the View tab. You should see in the left hand window a whole bunch of options. Look for where it says Hidden Files. If it isn't already selected, select "Show hidden files and folders." Just below this option, also be sure that "Hide extensions for known file types" is unchecked. Click OK. You should be able to see the Oblivion.ini file in your My Documents directory now. Alternatively, if you are having problems finding the actual directory, you can use Windows' search function (Start Menu -> Search -> All files and folders). In the "All or Part of the file name" field type in (without the quotes) "Oblivion.ini". Make sure your C:\ drive is selected in the "Look in" field. Click "Search" - your computer should show you the file in the right-hand pane. Proceed from step 3, making sure to make a back-up file.If Changing the .ini File Doesn't Seem to WorkIf you're still not able to take screenshots after changing the .ini file, check to see if you have anti-aliasing turned on in your video options. If it is, turn it off (ESC -> Options -> Video -> Anti-aliasing: OFF) and you should be able to take a screenshot. There may be other reasons for screenshots not working but the causes and solutions are unknown at this time.

Camera Tips

  • Press R on your keyboard to switch back and forth from first- to third-person view
  • Press and hold R and change the camera angle by moving your mouse around at the same time
  • A side-to-side mouse movement will rotate the camera around your player
  • A forwards-backwards mouse movement will tilt the camera angle above or below your character
  • The mouse scroll wheel will move the camera closer or farther away
  • You can equip your weapon and/or cast a spell in this position as long as you continue to hold R
  • Press the Print Screen button at any time to take your shot - be careful not to take them too close together or you'll accidentally capture the "screen shot created" message in your shot
  • To "remove" the User Interface (your stat bars, compass etc.), open the console by pressing the ~ key on your keyboard, type in "TM" (but without the quotes), press Enter, then close the console (press the ~ key again). This toggles the UI off. Turn it on again by using the TM console command again.

Scrolling Vocabulary

This may sound pretty basic, but when you speak with a NPC a list of topics appear. In most cases the choices visible are the only choices, but sometimes you may not notice that there is a scrolling bar on the left side and more choices are out of sight until you scroll to them. In one such case, it kept me from getting a quest for a day while I futzed with the associated NPCs trying to get the quest because I did not notice the scroll bar and the hidden topics!


Sneaking is very important for certain play styles such as a thief. If you don't have the patience to sneak and gain experience at a "normal" rate, a way to rapidly increase sneak level is to find someone sleeping in a building. Since I am a mage I would do this in one of the many mage guilds. While standing next to them face the wall, assume the sneak mode and press Q (for auto walk/run). Your character will now walk/sneak into the wall automatically and because they are sneaking next to someone who does not see them, sneak xp will be accumulated rapidly. Why face the wall? This keeps you from having to manually control your character during this exercise. Sneak levels will increase about once every 90 sec.

Another method of sneaking for rapid xp gain as suggested by Askilfeasd is to assume the sneak position and follow one of the patrolling horse mounted guards around Cyrodiil. (Thanks to Tomotocow and Askilfeasd at IMG)


If your character is going to be substantially magic based, after completing the Mage Recommendation Quests don't overlook the ability to make custom spells at the Arcane University. It is vital to becoming a potent mage. I have been waltzing through the world of Oblivion without any problems dealing with foes using the simple spells I have purchased until the end of the Main Quest chain when I found my hands full. Thats when I finally started looking at Custom Spells and went back to repeat the Paradise Quest. Without going into details, I'll simply say that much more power and protection can be projected conjuring custom spells. If your into magic, look at the spell links at the top of this FAQ, especially the one regarding the UESP Spell Making Link and the section (in that link) on stacking spells. It includes a long list of suggested custom spells.

Here is one example- all mages should lead off an attack sequence with some variation of Tap, a fortify magic spell.


  • Fortify Intelligence 100 points for 5 seconds
  • Fortify Magicka 100 points for 5 seconds

This spell is a perfect preparation for spells that have otherwise debilitatingly large Magicka costs, and is remarkably inexpensive to cast. Tap is also vital in situations where the caster has exhausted most of his Magicka, and needs to replenish his pool urgently.

Stacking Spells

Stacking spells can be amazing. Just one example from the Spell Making link (above) works wonders. To stack effects, the names of the spells must be different even if they are identical spells. Cast these spells in order or double up on the prepare casts before the finishing cast will kill most things:

Prepare 1:

  • Weakness to Magic 100% for 5 secs on Touch
  • Weakness to Fire 100% for 5 secs on Touch

Prepare 2:

  • Weakness to Magic 100% for 5 secs on Touch
  • Weakness to Fire 100% for 5 secs on Touch


  • Fire Damage 10 pts for 10 secs on Touch

Removing Custom Spells

All objects, spells, potions, weapons, etc in Oblivion have identifier numbers. If you play with the consol, you may know that any item can be created instantly. Yes, it's cheating. However when you create custom spells (not cheating), there are occasions when you mess up a spell or you don't like how it works, but you've given it a name and you want to start over and recreate this specific custom spell again. How do you get rid of the old custom spell and its name? You need to know its ID number.

You do this by finding the file LevelUpData_1.txt in the top level of your Oblivion directory and open it using Wordpad (which comes with WinXP). On the left of this file is a list of your characters at each of their levels so scroll to the bottom. Then scroll to the right to see a long list of everything your character has, including spells. All items including spells are written with the spell name and then the id number in parenthesis such as Paralyze (A9838).

One catch is that if your character has not advanced a level since making a new custom spell, it won't show up on this list. In this case you can either be patient and wait to level or in the game, you can open the consol (~) and type "advlevel" (no quotes) to force your character to level. ~ to close the consol. Then you would go back and open the LevelUpData_1.txt to find your custom spells ID.

Finally in the game you would open the consol (~) again and type "player.removespell FFOBO496". (where the number is whatever your custom spell identifier is. Now you can remake your custom spell and keep the name you desire.

Strategy Guide

Do you need one? Negatory good buddy, not unless you prefer a book. Check out the vast stores of knowledge over at UESP Wiki.net and browse the links at the beginning of this FAQ.


Vampirism can be contracted by accident or on purpose. Vampirism can be rewarded as part of Dark Brotherhood quests. The primary accidental cause is being in close proximity to them when exploring a crypt or dungeon. As far as I can tell in Oblivion, characters don't have to be bitten to contract vampirism. There are both advantages and disadvantages to becoming a vampire. I have seen threads in the Oblivion Forums where people are not happy being vampires.

Avoiding Vampirism The key to avoiding full blown Vampirism is recognition and to seek early treatment. On a regular basis, especially after fighting in a dungeon, and prior to sleep, check your character stats as follows:

Open the Oblivion interface (tab) and select Magic Tab- Active Effects you will see indication of Drain Fatigue- 5 for Porphyric Haemophilia and other diseases if you have them. Be sure to check all items listed as "Drain". My character had both Dampworm and Greenspore diseases in addition to the vamp disease.

Porphyric Haemophilia also appears as a drain on fatigue of a couple of points that shows up on your stats page. Open the Oblivion interface (tab) and select the stats section (portion of window with 3 horizontal bars- red, blue, and green). Then select the left icon (a fist) which shows a page with your character's race, birthsign, class, and level. On the bottom of that page will be stats for Health, Magicka, and Fatique. In my case my Fatigue was showing in red at 149/154. This is a clear indication of the disease. I also noticed that if the second icon is selected (one with a human figure and a circular arrow) that both the "speed" and "personality" stats show in red. Be proactive and do a Porphyric Haemophilia check after exiting every dungeon.

In the first 72 hours, the disease can be cured as a simple disease (cure disease potion, eat item that cures disease such as a mandrake root, or receive a blessing at church alter). According to the game guide, if you have contracted the disease and don't seek a cure within 72 game hours, upon sleep you'll become a full fledged vampire. In case you've forgotten to check your stats, making it a habit to save your game frequently and especially prior to sleeping is a good idea.

If you've accidently contracted the vampire disease and sleep, you'll dream of being a vampire. At this point, unless you revert to a saved game, you are committed to being a vampire or doing the cure quest. Another indication of the disease is that stats for strength, willpower, and speed will be elevated when leveling. Most obvious is after waking up your character will be hideous! After resting and the having the dream, you are now on your way to becoming a full fledged vampire. Simply revert to last save (be prepared to lose some completed content) and either take a cure disease potion or go to the nearest chuch for a blessing at the alter.

NOTE: If you infamy is greater than your positive characteristics, in otherwords, if you playing a bad character, one who murders and steals, blessing at alters may not work for curing diseases. In this case you must resort to purchasing or making a cure disease potion.

Even if you catch the Vampire disease, but don't want to be a vampire, some players will see this as an opportunity to enjoy more game content and will want to follow all the steps required to be cleansed. If your desire is to be cleansed, there are reports that this chain of quests is bugged (unverified) which warrants a strategic game save in case it's a long frustrating road to redemption. See UESPWiki Vampire info for more info on the pros and cons of vampirism and info on the cure.