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  • 3/12- Added info on manually installing a mod in the Mac version of the game.
  • 3/10- Added Dragon Age Wiki Console link mentioned in both the cheat section and in the "Stuck in Orzammar" section located under Quests.
  • 3/8- Updated Stuck in Orzammar in the quest section. It may require enabling the console and using a debug code to move you past a possible deadlock.
  • 2/25- Added Quest blurb on the Elvin Ritual and on Orzammar helping get the King elected.
  • 1/31- Updated guide to include info on the Mac version released in late Dec 2009, added a System Requirements Section, and under the Mod section added a blurb about the "DAUpdater" application may not be included with the Mac version. If true, more research required to confirm method for manually installing mods.
  • 1/6- Added Gauntlet Puzzle Spoilers in Quest section.
  • 1/3- Added Crafting section and Misc Section. Moved Leveling the Right Way under Classes.
  • 1/2/10- Lumped Mage spells together under links, Added Game Mod Section along with Respec Mod, added more game links.
  • 12/30- Added Lost In Dreams Quest Summary and links in Questing section.
  • 12/19- Added info on Broken Circle quest.
  • 12/10- Added blurbs on Backing Up the Game and Gift Giving in the Party Relationship section.
  • 11/29- Rearranged some categories and added info.
  • 11/19- Added Cheat and Quest section.
  • 11/16- Cheat links added.
  • 11/12- Guide Established.


As of late Dec 2009, Dragon Age Origins is available for the Mac in addition to PC, XBox 360, and Play Station 3 versions! The Mac version comes to us via Transgaming's use of Cider Technology. As of Jan 2010 I've seen the Mac version of the game available for download at Gamersgate.com and Direct2Drive.com.

There are some initial reports that playing the PC version of Dragon Age Origins (DAO) is faster via Bootcamp. To play the PC version of this game on your Intel Mac, you'll need to purchase a copy of Windows (Windows XP, Vista, or Windows7) and then use Apple's Boot Camp to install windows on a separate partition on your Mac. Read about Boot Camp and see the MacRumors Guide:Windows Gaming on a Mac. If you've missed it, see the MacRumors Dragon Age Origins Thread located in the Apple Games sub-forum. And you'll find lots of game tips in the Dragon Age: Origins thread located in the Console Games sub-forum.

As it currently exists, this guide is not comprehensive, only designed to get you started with the game and a place to compile handy game related links. I am far from a DAO expert. If you have any suggestions please private message me.- Dave Peck (Hunt'n)

DAO Links

Mage Links

System Requirements

  • Mac System Requirements: MacOSX 10.6.2 Leopard or Higher, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB RAM, ATI x1600 or Nvidia 7300 or greater, 17GB hard drive space for installation. It will not run on a PowerPC Mac (G3/G4/G50) or on Intel GMA class of video cards.
  • PC System Requirements: Windows XP (Service Pack3), Windows Vista (Service Pack 1) or Windows 7; Intel Core 2 Single 1.6 Ghz (XP), or 1.8 Ghz (Vista/Windows 7); AMD X2 (or equivalent) running at 1.8 Ghz (XP) or 2.2 Ghz (Vista/Windows 7); Graphic Card requirements: ATI Radeon X850 128MB or greater, Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT 28 or greater (XP), ATI Radeon X1550 256MB or greater, Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT 256MB or greater, intel X4500HD or greater (Vista/Windows7); 1.5 GB RAM, 15GB hard drive space.
  • If you are wondering how the PC version of DAO will run on a Mac using Bootcamp, I am running it on a MacBookPro at medium settings, with the following specs: MBP, 2.2 GHz intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB Ram, 8600M GT (128MB VRAM), 32b Vista and no performance issues (frame rates high teens to mid 20's).- Hunt'n.

Is DAO A Good RPG?

  • RPGs can be categorized as Open Environment like Oblivion and Gothic and Linear Environment (invisible walls and natural obstacles that form alleys) such as Never Winter Nights 2 and Fable. Open environments offer a high degree of environmental immersion and beckon you to explore! Linear environments can be viewed cynically as developer laziness or positively as a mechanism giving the developer much more control over the story and how it is presented.
  • Dragon Age: Origins is a good Role Playing Game. DAO falls into the linear category but Bioware is not lazy. If you are a fan of Bioware- Knights of the Old Republic or Mass Effect, you should like this game as I do. It is highly polished, with very strong story elements, and the best voice acting I've ever had the pleasure to listen to.
  • Strong Story Telling? Top notch!
  • Open or Lineal Environment? Lineal plus invisible walls and can't jump, can't accidently fall to your death.
  • Environmental Qualities? Top notch!
  • Voice Acting? The Best!
  • Typical RPG Party Mechanics? Yes- jump back and forth between characters at will.

Backing Up Dragon Age Saves

Find them here: C>Users>Your User Name>Documents>Bioware>Dragon Age. You might want to save the entire folder (screensaves optional), but at a minimum you should save the Character and Settings sub folders.


In this GameFAQs.com link (perishable link!), backpacks are reported available for purchase at: 1) Before finishing Kocari Wilds at Quartermaster. 2) After finishing Kocari Wilds at Quartermaster. 3) First time in camp. 4) Any other time in camp. 5) Quatermaster in Mage Tower. 6) There's one or two more, either in Orzammar or Brecilian Forest.

Books- Should you read them?

So far, books add to your codex (background) knowledge which may help you navigate the game. Most books you find are free located in the plentiful bookshelves in the game.


  • It is a good idea to back your saved games prior to messing with cheats in my opinion- Hunt'n. See the Backing Up Saves section. If you feel the need to cheat, the Cheat Code Central link is a good source which includes a long list of cheat codes. The Dragon Age Wiki Console link is also an outstanding resource. If you get stuck in a portion of a game there are debug scripts listed there for most areas that can be used to move you forward. Using this script is discussed in the "Stuck in Orzammar" section listed under Quests.
  • Enable the console- See the Dragon Age Wiki Console link for Console info. Before cheat codes can be entered, the console must be enabled by placing an "application" shortcut on the desktop and modifying it, not the "launcher application" shortcut. First locate the original Dragon Age Origins application. I found the application "daorigins" in the "bin_ship" folder within main Dragon Age folder. Right click on the application and a menu will appear. Select the "create a shortcut" option. If the shortcut appears inside the "bin_ship" folder, drag it to the desktop. Now select the application shortcut on the desktop, right click and select properties. A new properties window appears. Add "-enabledeveloperconsole" (no quotes) command line parameter to end of the "Target" field in the "Shortcut" properties. Leave a space between the Target and the enable code.
  • Is the Console working? Launch the game. If the console is working, when the ~ (tilde) key is pressed, the console is enabled, but unlike other games I've played, no visible console window appears! However you can tell if the console is enabled by hitting one of your character move keys and see if they move. If they don't move, you are in the console. Press "delete" key several times to erase the extraneous entries you just made, then enter the cheat code, whatever it is (example: "runscript zz_orz_debug" (no quotes!) without quotes and leave a space between "runscript" and the command. If your are trying to add a character to your party, you also need to add a target which is the character's name and a space between the command and the character's name. Using the debug script listed in this paragraph is discussed in the "Stuck in Orzammar" portion of this guide located in the Quest Section.
  • Trying to Add a Character to Party- This cheat is usually used to add a character you have not yet run into, but you need to know the character's name. (example: "runscript zz_addparty NAME" ) Enter the command without quotes and leave a space between "runscript" and the command, and a space between the command and the target. For adding a character, the target is the character's name such as "Leliana" (without the quotes). My goal was to break the party member questing limit of 4, so I could keep my dog plus three companions. This code allowed me to add another character to the party gather window but that was all. I added a character named "Leliana" that was all ready in my group. The cheat added an extra "virgin" version of Leliana so there was two of her in the gather window, the original version (when you first meet her) and the leveled version (the one who had been questing with me.) So I had an extra character in the party gather window, but still could only pick 3 companions. Note, after I took out the "enable console mode" from the desktop shortcut, the extra Leliana went away. It is possible that the code "runscript zz_addparty" might be used to break the party limit of 4 party members while questing, maybe by not adding a target name? Don't know, could not get more than 3 others to accompany me.

Class Info

  • Leveling the Right Way If you are new to RPGs or even if you are not, do yourself a favor and study the skill trees of your class to get a feeling of where you want to end up. Before the Char Respecialization Mod v1.6 mod came along, choices were final. Even with this mod, it's hard to know without research, and experience, what the best spells are. See some of the links for good reading. For more info on the respec mod, see the mod section.

The challenging part can be to avoid duplication of powers. For example, as a Mage, having a party weapon attribute such as Fire, Cold, or Telekinetic weapons is good, but do you need all 3 of them? Although there are fights were a specific attribute would be good to have, early in the game, it should be sufficient to focus on just one. I wanted Crushing Prison so I chose Telekinetic Weapons in the same line. I've not found any good links on DAO class builds. Please private message me if you find one.- Hunt'n

  • Mage- Huntn's Suggestion: Mages are the only healers in the game. Develop your mage to either be a healer or a fighter. When you decide to be one or the other, during the game other mages will appear that can fill either role as a party member. Splitting skills will hurt. The first time through I divided my spells between healing and fire spells. After the difficult fight with the ogre at the top of the Tower of Ishall, I restarted a new Mage focused on the Primal Skill of Wintergrasp moving to Cone of Cold and the Entropy Skill of Disorient, moving to Sleep. Compared to the first AOE Fire Spell, Wintergrasp and Cone of Cold are much more powerful AOE spells. The readjustment of Mage skills made a big difference in the difficulty the ogre fight. Yes fire damages a group of mobs, but they are still whacking your party members. In contrast CoC stops mobs dead in their tracks for long enough that your party can usually make short work of them. There are some killer Mage spells such as Paralyze followed by Stone First, Crushing Prison, Sleep followed by Horror equals Nightmare. (See Spell Combo links in Mage Links section). You might find this thread: Best Early Mage Spells (link is perishable!) at the Bioware DAO forums of interest.


  • Is DAO Combat tough?

It's kicking my butt at times. At the 7-9 character level, it can be very tough for your party to take on 10 or more mobs that can come at you on the "normal" difficulty level. My advice is, if it takes you more than 3 times to get though a fight, consider, reverting to the last save and then under "options" change the game difficulty to "easy". After the fight you can revert to "normal". Yeah, I'm a wimp. :)- Hunt'n

Does DAO include Level Scaling?

Apparently it does. See this Bioware DA Forum discussion. Mobs level with you. In theory, the disadvantage is that your fights will all feel about the same. However, in practice it does not feel that way. It is possible, Bioware has done an outstanding job with level scaling.

The advantage is that you can do all the side quests you want, and you'll still get a challenge out of the important quests. In Dragon Age Origins certain quests can kick your parties' collective butts so all fights do not feel the same! If a quest fight is too hard, try it later. For example in the Brecilian Forest Ruins, my party ran into a dragon welp which I could not beat at level 8. I came back at level 11 and had no problem. I had the same problem with the Blood Mage quest in Denerim fighting the head blood mage.

Note, I don't consider my self all that outstanding of a player in that I spend most of my time playing at normal difficulty and in hard fights, and after I die multiple times, I switch to easy.- Hunt'n.

Engaging Large Number of MOBs

When faced with a large number of adversaries who are waiting to engage your party it's better to have them come to you. If you just run towards them as a group, as party members start being hit by ranged attacks, they will run off pell-mell to strike back. This can easily go badly.

A good technique can be to put your party on "hold", waiting around a corner. See the party control icons at the bottom of the party member display. Run a single party member (ideally one with good armor) out far enough to grab some aggro (a yellow ring appears on the ground around your character), then do an about face, come back to your party and release them. While it's not guaranteed, you have a good chance of not pulling the entire group or at a minimum they are strung out and not all immediately able to deal damage on your party members. The first time I found this technique handy was in Ostagar climbing to top of the Tower of Ishall as the first large battle of the game commences.


  • Backpack Upgrades- at Gamespot. Link is perishable!
  • Crafting Supplies- at Gamespot. Link is perishable!
  • DAO Tips and Recipe locations!.
  • DAO Crafting Guide- at cheatbook.de.
  • The poison craft can only be used by the characters with the talent. And poison coatings on weapons at the Level 2 (intermediate level) only last a couple of minutes requiring that you keep them in your tool bar for quick access.
  • Herbalism Injury kits are vital because as fights go on your characters get persistent injuries that appear on the top left of the tool bar. Health potions raise the characters health level, but don't heal injuries that hamper performance.
  • Runes are persistent weapon upgrades that can be applied by one of the dwarf merchants at your camp. You run into this pair of merchants early in the game at Lothering. I'm not sure if you need to help them or not for them to always be at your camp.

Ethical Choices

  • Heavy Duty Spoilers located here.
  • Connor- Dealing with Connor in Redcliff Castle. Note, if you use Blood Magic, you'll suffer a substantial disapproval rating from Alistar who is a former Templar and is totally against blood magic. However I would not make a decision regarding Connor primarily based on approval ratings.
  • Jowan- Playing as a Mage, you'll run into Jowan, a mage who is worried about being made "tranquil" because he has been accused of dabbling with blood magic. Being made tranquil not only robs you of magic abilities, but it also eradicates your emotions. Jowan and his lover, Lilly a chantry member, are having an illicit affair, so Jowan being made tranquil is not an outcome they want. Jowan will approach you asking for help destroying his phylactery, a vile of his blood that is stored in the basement. Once destroyed it will keep the templars from chasing him down when he and Lilly skip town. You can choose to either help him or you can report him. If you help him, you, Jowan, and Lilly will head to the basement to locate his phylactery and destroy it. If you turn him in, you'll be asked to tell Jowan you are helping him, when really you are setting him up. In both circumstances you and Jowan will be confronted upon emerging from the basement and Jowan will use Blood Magic to escape.
  • Witherfang- Dealing with Witherfang in the Brecilian Forest.

Game Interface

  • When in the merchant Buying/Selling Window, at the bottom you can select any member of your party for the purpose comparing what a merchant is selling as compared to what a party member has currently equipped.
  • I think the character "gear" interface is on the weak side. There should be more quick access slots along the bottom of the game interface. -Hunt'n.
  • Assigning Class Attribute Leveling Points- You get three points each time you level. As a rule there are two primary attributes that benefit your character's class. Focus on one, at most two attributes. For example, playing a Mage dump all 3 of your points into Magic or 2 points into Magic and 1 into Willpower in the early character levels of the game. You want to get your Magic skill high enough so you can utilize the Level 3& 4 Magic Spells.
  • Never Bypass XP- as in "experience points" gained from fighting. Explore each area thoroughly looking for loot and XP opportunities in preparation for the next boss fight. Some areas only allow one visit.


  • Party Camp- Where is it? Any time you travel you will see the camp as a generic icon at the top right of the world map. When you select camp, your party proceeds to a camp near your present location (not shown on map).
  • My tool bar is too small! Unlock it (lock on left), drag it to the right of your screen (handle on right) to double it's size!


  • Reports are that the "DAUpdater" application is not included with the Mac version. More research required to confirm alternatives such as manually installing mods.
  • Manually Installing Mods on the Mac Version This process has not been verified. Proceed at your own risk. From this thread at the Bioware Forums: Installing .dazip mods on a Mac.Most of the mods for Dragon Age consist of files that you just put in the correct place in Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age. The mod will include a readme that tells you where the files go. But some mods are meant to be installed with daupdater, these end in .dazip. Here are instructions for installing them manually. All of the paths in here start in Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age, or the mod folder.

1) Change .dazip to .zip and open the file. This will make a folder, open that. 2) Open the mod/Manifest.xml file, either with what OSX chooses or textedit. 3) Select everything starting with the line that starts with , select all of that line. Copy. 4) Duplicate the AddIns.xml file in the Dragon Age/Settings folder as a backup. Open the AddIns.xml file in Settings. Scroll to the bottom and paste just before the last line. 5) At the start of where you pasted there should be a line with </AddInItem>, then the next line starting with <AddInItem 6) At the end there should be a line with </AddInItem>, then another line with </AddInsList> 7) Save the file. 8) Open the Contents folder in the mod folder. Put the folder in mod/addins into the Dragon Age/AddIns folder. Put the files in the mod/packages folder where it belongs. In the mod I was testing on I had to move the file mod/packages/core/data/qmt_package.erf to Dragon Age/packages/core/data. This part might always consist of moving just this one file, the three mods that I looked at all were this way. 9) Fire up Dragon Age and go to Downloadable Content to see if it worked. Another poster added this remark: Thanks, that worked for the mod I tried. Got a little confused though, incase someone else got confused regarding the manifest file step, copy over from the <AddInItem UID="MOD NAME" line down to the </AddInItem> line into the Addins file.

  • DAO Mods- lots of mods at Social.Bioware.com.
  • Char Respecialization Mod v1.6. You might consider this a game saver if you've made haphazard leveling choices. It worked like a champ for me. You download the mod from the link above. Go to your DAO directory and located the "DAUpdater" application located in your "bin_ship" folder. Click on that to launch. There is a button at the bottom of the window you can use to browse for your downloaded file. After locating, tell it to install. A message should appear telling you mod was installed. When launching the game, a window will pop up telling you about the new mod you installed and that it is working. The game installs a Raven ( a black bird) at your Party Camp by a fallen tree, outside Flemish's Hut next to a ruined statue. I thought I read somewhere that Raven's may also be found in the large cities, but I've not verified that. If you have trouble locating the Raven, hold the Tab key which brings up item and people labels. When you right click on the Raven, it will offer 3 choices. I picked the first choice "Take the vial tied to the Birds Leg". The second choice looked interesting, "Look into Bird's eye." Apparently you can get info about you class specialization choices, but I did not explore that. It gives you an item called something like "Respecialization Potion" in your inventory. When you use this it allows your character to respec from scratch, all of your class skills and spells! After it is used, the potion disappears, so to respec again, another visit to the raven is required.

Party Relationships

  • Dragon Age Romancing Guide- at waukster.com.
  • To raise your relationship with party members, talk to them frequently. A good location is while in camp. Looking at the world map, the camp location located on the right side of the world map (N), represents setting up camp just about any time. While in camp the party is split up while everyone rests and is the perfect time to have personal discussions with party members with the intent of increasing your approval rating with them.
  • Give your party members gifts to unlock bonuses to their primary attribute in addition to making them like you more. (thanks Jack Axe!)
  • Party diversity is the key to success. Ok so this is a RPG basic, but worth mentioning. One of the quests specifically requires a Mage.

Questing and Location Tips

  • Broken Circle Quest- Walkthrough in the Circle of Magi. In the Circle of Magi you'll also run into a Sloth Demon who will put you in a dream state inside the Fade for the Lost In Dreams quest. I found this Fade map, but it is not that helpful for the Lost in Dreams Quest: Raw Fade Map.
  • Elvin Ritual- For Mages! Located in the Brecilian Forest in the same ruins as where the Werewolves are found. If you are a mage don't bypass this quest it will get you Juggernaut Plate Armor, the first of four pieces. See DragonGuide.com for walkthrough.
  • Gauntlet Puzzle Spoilers-You will be asked puzzles by 8 spirits- answers are: tune, vengeance, dream, home, jealousy, mercy, mountains, hunger.

Make a bridge- There are 4 sections that make up a bridge across the big hole. Six pressure blocks on left and six blocks on right partially illuminate sections. Two party members must be standing on blocks that solidify the sections that need to be crossed. The key is to look at which sections appear when each block is stepped upon individually. Use simple number progression to allow three of your party to step on the correct blocks in the correct order and allow 1 party member to cross one or two bridge sections at a time.

If this is not clear enough, here is the order, I'm numbering blocks on left L1-6 and blocks on right R1-6 in the direction you want to go. P1-4 are Party Members 1-4. Here is the sequence. Step1=P1 (player) steps on R2; Step2=P2 steps on L3; Step3=P3 steps on L6, the first two sections solid and P4 moves to 2nd section. Step4=P2 moves to R4; Step5=P1 moves to L1 so 2nd & 3rd section solid, P4 moves to 3rd section. Step6=P3 moves to R5; Step7=P2 moves to L4 so 3rd and 4th section solid and P4 can now completely cross bridge and it becomes solid allowing others to cross.

  • Lost in Dreams Quest Summary- As you progress through this quest, you'll be in the dreamland known as the Fade. There are portals through out the Fade, which will take you to different areas. You can feel lost in this quest. The portal map consists of a pentagram (5 sided shape) with each point as a destination. In addition there are 3 triangles connected to the central pentagram. The final destination is the point at the center of the pentagram. As each area is completed, when you pull up the map at a portal, an icon will appear for completed areas you have visited. To reach the apex of each triangle, the two base points for the applicable triangle must be complete. The triangles are where you will help your party members. But they do not join you during this quest until the very last fight in the Fade against the Demon. And the thing is you won't be able to complete each section the first time through an area. Keep in mind as you meet spirits in the fade, they will give you temporary forms that are only used in the Fade- a Mouse for going through mouse holes, a Spirit Form which will allow you to capture permanent bonus attributes, a Burning Man form which allows you to cross the abundant fire, and a Golem (Rock Man) which allows you to bust down locked doors. I got the forms in this order- Mouse, Spirit, Burning Man, Golem. Work you way through each area. Early in the quest, fire and locked doors will keep you from completing an area until you gain the needed forms to proceed. When you have reached the end of an area, move on to the next. It is easy to tell on the portal map which areas are complete and which need another visit by virtue of an icon or just a blank point. Any time you see something that appears interactive, but you can't access it, switch to your spirit form and capture a permanent attribute. Check out all mouse holes. Until you gain the Fire Man form, mouse holes will allow you gain access to some areas otherwise blocked by fire. The Golem allows you to knock down locked doors and complete the last couple of areas. Of note, my character is a Mage, but the Golem was a very effective fighting form and I used it for all of the fights after obtaining it. -Hunt'n. Lost in Dreams, Lost In Dreams Walkthrough.
  • Chantry Board Quests- can be turned in at the Chantry board of any town you are visiting. There is no need to return to the town where a Chantry Board quest was picked up.
  • Korcari Wilds- If you meet Morigan, a witch of the wild before you have explored all of the Wilds, decline her offer to meet her Mother until you have explored every square foot of the wilds. She'll be there waiting for you to come back. Once you meet her Mother, you are transported back to Ostagar. I did not check to see if the game would allow you to renter the wilds if you try to go back for a second visit. Several side quests there: A Last Will and Testament, Chasind Trail Signs which leads to a large cache of goodies and lots of opportunities to scoop xp.
  • Lothering- Where is Elder Mirriam?- I had a hard time finding her a second time after I made some healing poultices for her. She is located by the tent behind Sten's cage.
  • Main Quest-Some quests are categorized as part of the Main Quest and on the quest page will not be found under the applicable location. For example, in the Brecilian Forest with the Elves is the first place where NPC requests are made but no quest is started. Two examples- Zathrian requests that you kill Witherfang. And the rhyming Grand Oak in the Brecilian Forest asks you to find his stolen acorn!
  • Ostagar -When you get back from the wilds you should turn in the heal the dog quest and take care of the selling loot and the stuff you want to get done before starting the ball rolling into the battle. After completing the "Joining" quest if you wander to close the meeting location (marked on the map) the game automatically take you into the battle scenario. After the fight, you'll find your self in a new location. Regarding the doq quest, after giving the dog handler the herb (for the sick dog), he tells you to come see him after the battle. If you complete the quest, afterwards the dog finds you.
  • Stuck in Orzammmar- My suggestion, pick one side and only work for that side. Believe it or not, if you play both sides, Harrowmont vs Bhelen against each other, it is possible to box yourself into a corner and not be able to proceed forward especially if you have done favors for both sides and you offer to spy for both of them. What I did was help Bhelen (represented by Vartag in the Assembly Building) by telling a Dwarf in the Deep Roads about Harrowmont's conniving ways. So this angered Harrowmont and it won't help if you represent him in the Proving grounds, which I did. Once I helped Harrowmont, Bhelen's representative in the Assembly would talk to me initially, but he was mad and basically told me to get lost. I saved the game before talking to him and tried several dialog options. Harrowmont's representative in the Tavern, Dulin Forender, agreed to let me spy for him, but he wanted to know what Bhelen was up to and guess what? Bhelen's rep would not give me the time of day so spying for Harrowmont was a dead end under the previously described circumstances.

Tip:If you play both sides against the middle, make a quick save before talking to the representatives. both Behelin's representative in the Assembly and Harromont's representative in the Tavern and don't offer to spy for Harrowmont's rep. It may or may not help you get past this point in the story.

If worse comes to worse follow the instructions on enabling the console above in the cheat section. Then run this script "runscript zz_orz_debug" without the quotes, and a space between "runscript" and the rest of the command. As a reminder no console window appears and you won't be able to see what you type as you type it. After enabling the console using tilde (~), if you can no longer move your characters, you are in the console! But by testing this you have just typed in some unwanted characters. Hit "delete" several times to make sure you erase unwanted characters then type in the code above. If it works a menu will pop up with several choices 1)Character/Party reset, 2)Plot Jump, 3)Turn Auto completion On, 4)Area Jump, 5)Plot Status, and 6)Exit. I chose 2) Plot Jump and I told the game to complete part one, which gave me updated the quest "A Paragon of Her Time". From here it looks like I can now move forward! Good Luck! :D