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Disk Utility is a disk tool bundled with Mac OS X. It is located in the Utilities Folder.


Disk Utility performs a variety of functions, including:

  • Repairing permissions
  • Repairing disks
  • Creating disk images
  • Disk formatting, partitioning and RAID
  • Burning disk images
  • Restoring a disk from a disk image

Disk Formatting

Disk Utility can format disks on your computer. If the disks are formatted in FAT32 format they can be used easily with a Mac and a PC, there is no 32GB partition limit for this as on Windows as that is an artificial restriction, however files over 4GB cannot be used with it. HFS+ Extended (Journaled) is the default format for disks on the Mac.


Prior to Mac OS X 10.3, Disk Utility's functionality was split over two applications, Disk Copy and Disk Utility. In older versions of Mac OS, disk verification features were located in Disk First Aid.