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Daystar Digital was a manufacturer of Mac OS clones, particularly high-end desktops based on the PowerPC 604 series CPU. At the top of the line were the Genesis MP and MP+ series of desktops with two or four 604e CPUs, anticipating Apple's release of a "Quad" configuration by some 8 years. Daystar's Genesis computers represent some of the fastest pre-G3 PowerMac computers ever built, offering performance bettered only by Apple's own PowerMac 9600 series.

After Apple revoked all licenses to make Mac clones in 1997, Daystar continued in business as a Macintosh hardware upgrade manufacturer, releasing a number of processor upgrades for various Macs. They eventually acquired upgrade manufacturer XLR8 and continued releasing hardware upgrades under that name. Currently Daystar, now known as Daystar Technology, is an Apple Authorized Reseller and Service Provider. They also still offer processor upgrades, most notably for various Powerbook G3/G4 models and the iMac G4.

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