Creating Hidden Folders

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Finder doesn't directly support hidden folders, however, it is possible to create them.

Creating the folder

Creating folders is accomplished through the Terminal.

  • Open Terminal
  • Change to the directory where the new folder should be, for example, Documents
cd ~/Documents
  • Make the new hidden directory, prefixing the name with a period. In Mac OS X, folders with a period at the start of their name are invisible.
mkdir ".My Hidden Folder"
  • Alternatively, you can make an existing folder invisible.
mv "Existing Folder" ".ExistingFolder"

Making an invisible folder visible

Making an invisible folder visible is very similar to making it invisible.

  • Open Terminal and change to the directory that the folder is in (as above)
  • Remove the period from the folder name
mv ".My Hidden Folder" "My Hidden Folder"

Using the folder

To access the folder, use the Go > Go to Folder command from the Finder.