Copying Music from your old Windows PC to new Windows PC

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This is the instructions if you are copying music from your old Windows PC to a new one over the network.

For instructions for copying to a new Mac see Copying Music from your old PC to new Mac

If your old PC and new PC are networked

In iTunes on your PC

1. Load up Preferences (go to Edit==> Preferences to do this)

2.Click on the Advanced tab

3.Note the Path marked in the iTunes Music Location Box.

4.Check that Keep Music Organised is ticked, then close the preferences window.

5.Go to Advanced Menu==>Consolidate Library, this will copy all of your music to your Library folder.

6. Go to File Menu==>Export Library and save the Library File in your Library Folder as you noted above.

Note: If you don't want to use this computer to play your iTunes Music Store Purchases anymore go to the Advanced Menu and choose the Deauthorise Computer option.

In My Computer

7. Load My Computer if you haven't already.

8. Navigate to your iTunes Music Folder, as you previously noted.

Now there are several ways of copying your Music to your new Computer.

9. Right click anywhere in the folder you are in (not on another file)

10. Choose Properties from the context menu.

11. Tick the Boxes to share the folder you are in and allow write access.

12. Choose the Sharing Tab, choose a name to share your computer as, I recommend calling it 'iTunes Library' (without quotations).

On your new PC

13.Open My Network Places, if you can see the iTunes Library drive here double click on it to load it, if not try clicking on view workgroup computers and finding your old PC, you may need to disable the firewall on either machine temporarily to do this, ideally while not connected to the internet.

14. Find the Library.xml file in this folder and copy it to your Desktop.

15. Copy the other contents of the this folder.

16. Find out where the iTunes Library Folder is on your New PC (iTunes==>Edit Menu==>Preferences==>Advanced)

17. Navigate to that folder in Windows Explorer.

18. Paste the contents from the network drive into this folder.

19. Once this has finished go to iTunes==>File Menu==>Import and import the Library.xml file

After waiting for iTunes to process this your Music will have been copied to your Mac complete with playlists and ratings.