Connecting Mac with Wii Wirelessly

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This guide explains how to set up a WLAN connection between a Mac and a Wii over AirPort.

Note : This tutorial shows the steps when using Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4, however it may also work in other versions of Mac OS X.


Sharing an internet connection via AirPort

Firstly, open the Sharing pane in System Preferences.


Once in Sharing, click on the Internet tab and choose "Built-in Ethernet" in the "Share your connection from" menu, then turn on "AirPort" in the "To computers using" list.


Now other computers can connect to the internet through your Mac.

Opening the ports

Now that you have set up the connection sharing you must open some ports in order to let the Wii communicate to the internet and the Wii Channel's website. You can simply turn off your firewall, but a more secure way is to allow only certain ports.

  1. Go to System Preferences > Sharing > Firewall
  2. Turn the firewall on, if not already
  3. Now add a new firewall policy just for your Wii
    1. Click the New... button
    2. Once this window appears, put these port numbers in the "TCP Port Number(s)" field : 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, 443
    3. Click OK

Wii configuration

Now it's time to configure your Wii to connect to your Mac. You'll need to set up following settings:

Manual IP settings:

  • IP:
  • Subnet:
  • Default Router:

Manual DNS settings:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Seconday:

Follow these pictures if you don't know where to put these settings:

Image:Image 5.png Image:Settings.png Image:Wii-6.png Image:Wii-7.png Image:Wii-8.png Image:Wii-9.png Image:Wii-10.png Image:Wii-dns.png Image:Wii-12.png

Configuration test

Image:Wii-Testing.png Image:Wii-connectionTest.png

You can now either update your Wii or exit the Settings screen.