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Looks like we got a fair number o' guides here now. Let's start the subcategorization discussion right here: How's about:

  • Application Guides (uninstalling applications)
    • Mail Gudies(archiving old email)
    • iTunes Guides(changing itunes link behavior)
    • ...
  • Mac OS X guides (Repair Permissions, empty trash)
    • Spotlight Guides(how to re-index)
    • Dashboard Guides(keep on desktop)
    • ...
  • Hardware Guides (iBook vs PBook)
    • Networking Guides (troubleshooting network, working w/ windows)
    • Storage Guides(intalling ram, buying ram)
    • ...
  • Fun but Useless Guides (slow exposé/minimize, killing the dock with a slow genie minimization and have the window still work guide)

..or, we could keep them all in Category:Guides for now. --Mainstreetmark

That seems a bit too specific, maybe something like this:
  • Mac OS X Guides
  • Apple Software Guides
  • Third Party Software Guides
  • Hardware Guides
  • Networking Guides
--HexMonkey 16:21, 27 November 2005 (EST)