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This article or section is based on a forum post written by Celeron.

Involved in the decision to buy a laptop sleeve or case are concerns regarding security, individuality, and protection. Laptop sleeves are generally thought of as a thin layer of protection to prevent small scratches and bumps that a laptop might experience when being carried within a larger non-custom bag such as a backpack. Laptop cases are generally thought of as custom fit carrying cases for your laptop and potentially peripherals that will protect the laptop from bumps, drops, and scratches. Many users find that they need both a sleeve and a case for their laptops.

While many cases and sleeves advertise their fit based on the screen size of the laptop they are meant to enclose, when purchasing a sleeve or case for an Apple laptop, it is best to purchase only sleeves or cases that specifically, and solely, advertise fitting a single Apple laptop model. Since sleeves and cases should fit your laptop snugly in order to offer the best level of protection, only a sleeve or case that has been designed specifcally for your specific Apple laptop model will provide your laptop with adequate protection. It is also important to note that 12-inch Apple PowerBooks and 12-inch Apple iBooks do not have the same dimensions, and therefore, a case or sleeve designed for one will not fit the other, and a case or sleeve advertised to fit both will most likely fit neither very well.


List of manufacturers

Multiple Brand Retailers

Carrying cases and (maybe) sleeves

Sleeves only

  • BaooBaoo
  • becase Custom sized sleeves, optional embroidery, limited colours
  • Besitos Dulces Colourful, fluffy, girly, limited edition fabric sleeves
  • Foofbags More colourful and sometimes fluffy sleeves
  • Gecko Gear Plain black no-nonsense neoprene or nylon
  • GymsPacific Neoprene sleeves - some of which have designs printed on them
  • HARD GRAFT Lovely looking sleeves made of grey felt, some with leather trimmings
  • iDee "anti-shock" foam with corner tabs so you can use the laptop while in the case
  • iSkin Smart looking black fake-leather cases with choice of coloured trim. Corner tabs.
  • Pack & Smooch finest lifestyle accessories for iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro (AIR)
  • MacCover Felt sleeves in ten bright colours
  • RadTech Lightweight fabric sleeves in nice muted colours
  • SeGai Bright neoprene covers
  • ShaggyMac Interesting looking hard cases by RhinoSkin and neoprene by CaseLogic
  • Shinza Polyurethane foam sleeves - orange, black and white
  • Simon & Cleo Designer sleeves for Macs and PCs
  • Speck Hard shells for Macs
  • Tucano Wide range of neoprene sleeves