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Welcome to the MacRumors Buyer's Guide.

See also: Buyer's Guide (time-ordered)

This page provides a product summary for each Apple model. The intent is to provide our best recommendations regarding current product cycles, and to provide a summary of currently available rumors for each model.

Extra information and recommendations are available for each product on their individual Buyer's Guide pages, which are linked to at the top of that product's section on this page.

Disclaimer: This page is based on rumors and speculation and we provide no guarantee to its accuracy. We take no responsibility for purchase decisions made based on this information.



Main article: iPod Buyer's Guide

The iPod is Apple's highly successful MP3 player range, which includes:

iPod classic

The iPod classic is the hard drive based iPod; it was previously simply known as the iPod. <buyersguide> searchproduct=ipod title=iPod classic image= Image:iPod.jpg recentnum=9 notes=Despite being due for an update, Apple did not refresh the iPod classic alongside the rest of its iPod line at its September 1st, 2010 media event. Consequently, the fate of the iPod classic is in question, and it is unknown if or when it will receive another update. released= 20090909142848 released= 20080909140115 released= 20070905121459 released= 20060912150749 released= 20051012142445 released= 20050628143612 released= 20040719084222 released= 20030908090240 released= 20030428141644 released= 20020717115700 released= 20020320183528 released= 20011023140537 </buyersguide>

iPod touch

<buyersguide> title=iPod touch searchproduct=ipod image= Image:4gen ipod touch.jpg recentnum=5 notes= released= 20100901132238 released= 20090909142848 released= 20080909140153 released= 20080205082811 released= 20070905121452 </buyersguide>

iPod nano

The iPod nano is Apple's midrange iPod; it was previously known as the iPod mini <buyersguide> title=iPod nano searchproduct=ipod image= Image:6gen ipod nano.jpg recentnum=5 notes= released= 20100901132238 released= 20090909142848 released= 20080909140115 released= 20070905121452 released= 20060912144716 released= 20060207084051 released= 20050907131149 released= 20050223084017 released= 20040106142543 </buyersguide>

iPod shuffle

<buyersguide> title=iPod shuffle searchproduct=ipod image= Image:4gen ipod shuffle.jpg recentnum=3 notes= released= 20100901132238 released= 20090909142848 released= 20090311083728 released= 20080909140115 released= 20080219082703 released= 20070905121443 released= 20070130085122 released= 20060912142937 released= 20060207084051 released= 20050111145414 </buyersguide>

Desktop Macs

Mac mini

Main article: Mac mini Buyer's Guide

The Mac mini is Apple's low end desktop. <buyersguide> searchproduct=macmini title=Mac mini image= Image:macmini.jpg recentnum=10 released= 20100615040823 released= 20091020122908 released= 20090303083311 released= 20070807153036 released= 20060906094056 released= 20060228140422 released= 20050930023909 released= 20050726085737 released= 20050111145714 </buyersguide>


Main article: iMac Buyer's Guide

The iMac is Apple's all-in-one form factor desktop. <buyersguide> searchproduct=imac title=iMac image= Image:2010 iMac.jpg recentnum=11 released= 20110503071245 released= 20100727081430 released= 20091020121450 released= 20090303083311 released= 20080428082257 released= 20070807123311 released= 20060906091309 released= 20060110142730 released= 20051012142419 released= 20050503085214 released= 20040831055647 released= 20031118083916 released= 20030908085643 released= 20030204083909 released= 20020717115700 </buyersguide>

Mac Pro

Main article: Mac Pro Buyer's Guide

The Mac Pro is Apple's high end desktop; it was formerly known as the Power Mac. <buyersguide> searchproduct=macpro title=Mac Pro image= Image:Mac_Pro.jpg recentnum=10 released= 20100727084018 released= 20090303084116 released= 20080108083848 released= 20070404085436 released= 20060807144713 released= 20051019145545 released= 20050427090437 released=20040609083915 released= 20031118083735 released= 20030623171845 released= 20030128084214 released= 20020813084317 released= 20020128095752 </buyersguide>

Portable Macs


Main article: MacBook Buyer's Guide

The MacBook is Apple's consumer laptop; it was formerly known as the iBook.

<buyersguide> searchproduct=macbook title=MacBook image= Image:MacBook2009.jpg recentnum=8 released= 20100518061828 released= 20091020122204 released= 20090527091128 released= 20081014141517 released= 20080226084104 released= 20071101050531 released= 20070515074304 released= 20061108083511 released= 20060516090301 released= 20050726085148 released= 20041019083450 released= 20040419084557 released= 20031022101537 released= 20030422103438 released= 20021106084600 released= 20020520065111 </buyersguide>

MacBook Pro

Main article: MacBook Pro Buyer's Guide

The MacBook Pro is Apple's professional laptop; it was formerly known as the PowerBook. <buyersguide> searchproduct=macbookpro title=MacBook Pro notes= image= Image:MacbookPro2008.jpg recentnum=10 released= 20110224074850 released= 20100413083853 released= 20090608132031 released= 20081014142256 released= 20080226080939 released= 20070605083220 released= 20061024083823 released= 20060424085129 released= 20060110142811 released= 20051019144929 released= 20050131091044 released= 20040419084557 released= 20030916055045 released= 20030108221159 released= 20021106084600 released= 20020429070647 </buyersguide>

MacBook Air

Main article: MacBook Air Buyer's Guide

The MacBook Air is Apple's ultrathin portable. It was originally introduced at Macworld San Francisco 2008. <buyersguide> searchproduct=macbook title=MacBook Air notes= image= Image:MacBookAir.jpg recentnum=10 released= 20101020141321 released= 20090608132200 released= 20081014142256 released= 20080115131051 </buyersguide>


Main article: iPad Buyer's Guide

The iPad is Apple's tablet computer. <buyersguide> searchproduct=ipad title=iPad image= Image:ipad.jpg recentnum=10 notes=The second-generation iPad is now available in many countries around the world, with Apple continuing to roll out availability in new countries on a regular basis. released= 20110311034138 released= 20100403151303 </buyersguide>


Main article: iPhone Buyer's Guide

The iPhone is Apple's mobile smartphone. <buyersguide> searchproduct=iphone title=iPhone image= Image:iPhone 4.jpg recentnum=9 notes= released= 20100624035131 released= 20090608151303 released= 20080710202230 released= 20080205082811 released= 20070905141433 released= 20070629183440 </buyersguide>

Other Apple Products

Apple Cinema Displays

Main article: LCD Buyer's Guide

The Apple Cinema Displays are Apple's range of LCD monitors. <buyersguide> searchproduct=lcds title=LCDs image= Image:lcds.jpg recentnum=10 notes= released= 20100727085304 released= 20081014140844 released= 20070404105959 released= 20060807151847 released= 20060328135856 released= 20051019185446 released= 20050427093042 released= 20050104095512 released= 20040628150739 released= 20030128084214 released= 20020320183528 </buyersguide>

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