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The Universal Dock with an iPod classic
The Universal Dock with an iPod classic

The Apple Universal Dock is an accessory made by Apple to provide additional facilities and function as a stand for most iPod models. It is compatible with all iPods that utilize a dock connector (3rd generation and onwards).


  • Holds the iPod upright in an accessible position.
  • Front IR port allows you to use the Apple Remote Control (available separately) to control the iPod remotely.
  • Rear ports include; a dock connector to provide connectivity with a computer or mains charger, S-Video out for connecting to a TV or projector and a Line-Out socket for use with a stereo system.


  • The dock is supplied without any cables.
  • For newer iPods (5th generation and nano's) a dock adapter is supplied with the iPod to allow you to use them with this dock.
  • Adapters are supplied to allow use with the following iPods: iPod mini's, 4G iPods and Color iPods
  • The menu button on the remote is non-functional, per the user manual.
  • Remote control functionality is not the same as the AppleTV or FrontRow functionality.
  • The remote control can only be effectively used to control music, not videos.


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