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Apple originally announced Aperture on October 19th, 2005. On April 13 2006, they announced an update to version 1.1; this version was the first Universal Binary of Aperture and also marked a significant drop in price to $299 from $499. The current version of Aperture is 2.0, released on February 12 2008 and priced at $199. [1]

Beginning with version 1.5.1, Apple offers a 30 day trial of Aperture. [2]




Aperture is a post-production tool for photographers, with a RAW based workflow. It is available from the Apple Store at $199.

What comes in the box:

  • 1 tutorial DVD about 90 minutes in length.
  • 1 install DVD.
  • 223-page "Aperture Getting Started" book.
  • Aperture Quick reference card.
  • Install pamphlet and serials.
  • Software coupon sheet.
  • 30-page license agreement (multilingual).
  • AppleCare software service and support guide.

Minimum Requirements

  • PowerMac G5 with a 1.6 GHz or faster PowerPC G5 processor
  • Mac Pro
  • 17- or 20-inch iMac with a 1.8 GHz or faster PowerPC G5 or Intel Core Duo processor
  • MacBook
  • MacBook Pro
  • 15- or 17-inch PowerBook G4 with a 1.25 GHz or faster PowerPC G4 processor
  • Mac OS X “Tiger” version 10.4.7 (or later)
  • 5GB of disk space for application, templates and tutorials
  • One of the following graphics cards:
    • ATI Radeon x600 Pro or x600 XT
    • ATI Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition
    • ATI Radeon X850 XT
    • ATI Radeon X1600 or X1900 XT
    • ATI Radeon 9800 XT or 9800 Pro
    • ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
    • ATI Radeon 9600, 9600 XT, 9600 Pro, or 9650
    • ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 or 9600
    • ATI Mobility X1600
    • NVIDIA GeForce 6600 LE or 6600
    • NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL or 6800 GT DDL
    • NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT
    • NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500
  • 1 GB RAM, 2GB for Mac Pro
  • DVD drive for installation

Note: You can also use Aperture if you don't have 1GB of RAM by modifying only a number in the file info.plist, found in Aperture.app. Locate:


Change the content of the string (1000) to your amount of RAM you have in your system. Use at your own risk. There are no known easy workarounds at this time for the processor or video card requirements. There is, however, a patched binary file to replace Aperture.app/Contents/MacOS/Aperture that has spread around the internet that will remove the limitation, as well as a patched InstallationCheck binary for the installer, but please only use these if you have legally purchased the Aperture software and need it to run on older hardware. Aperture, with these fixes, will run on even 867 MHz G4 macs with 512 MB of RAM and a mediocre video card, but there is a great performance penalty.

Recommended System

  • Any Macintosh with 2 2GHz or faster processing cores (i.e. Dual 2 GHz or faster PowerMac G5, any Mac Pro, or any Mac with a Core Duo CPU rated at 2.0 GHz or faster).
  • Mac OS X “Tiger” version 10.4.7 (or later)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • One of the following graphics cards:
    • ATI Radeon X1600 or X1900 XT
    • ATI Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition
    • ATI Radeon 9800 XT or 9800 Pro
    • NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT
    • NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500
    • NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL or 6800 GT DDL
    • NVIDIA GeForce 6600 LE or 6600
  • 5GB of disk space for application, templates, and tutorial
  • DVD drive for installation


  • Aperture 3.0 - February 9, 2010
  • Aperture 2.0
  • Aperture 1.5.1 - reliability and performance improvements
  • Aperture 1.5 - September 25, 2006 [3]
    • More flexible use of storage. Photos on DVDs and other storage.
    • Offline media can be "edited"
    • iLife, iDVD, iWork, Keynote integration
    • Plug-in API offered. Plug Ins for Gettyimages, iStockPhoto, and Flickr available, with more coming
    • New Loupe, Magnification no longer tied to specific settings/steps.
    • Loupe shows color information
    • Improved Meta-data support, allowing meta data assigned to several images.
    • XMP format is supported
    • Better sharpening tool
    • New full-screen comparison mode for several images at once
    • iPod/iTunes integration. Transfer photos to your iPod
  • Aperture 1.1.2 — improved reliability and performance
  • Aperture 1.1.1 — improved performance and stability
  • Aperture 1.1 — added the following features
    • Now a Universal Binary
    • Improved RAW Image Quality
    • RAW Fine Tuning
    • Auto Noise Compensation
    • New Color Meter
    • Enhanced Export Controls
    • $200 Apple Store Credit rebate ($100 for education) for those who previously purchased Aperture.
    • Complete list of new features available at [4]
  • Aperture 1.01 — bug fix release; added the following features
    • Advanced RAW Workflow
    • Professional Project Management
    • Intuitive Photo Edit Tools
    • Nondestructive Image Processing
    • Photographer-Friendly Retouching
    • Versatile Printing and Publishing
  • Aperture 1.0 — initial release


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