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Photoshop, developed by Adobe Systems Inc, has long been considered the de-facto standard image editing application. While primarily a bitmap editing app, Photoshop now incorporates the ability to edit and manipulate vector data as well. It includes the ability out of the box to edit files in a range of color spaces:

  • Bitmap
  • Grayscale
  • Duotone
  • Indexed Color
  • RGB Color
  • CMYK Color
  • Lab Color
  • Multichannel

A range of Bits-Per-Channel are available as well:

  • 8 Bits/Channel
  • 16 Bits/Channel
  • 32 Bits/Channel

Photoshop CS2

Part of the Adobe Creative Suite 2, this version of Photoshop incorporates the Adobe Bridge application and Adobe ImageReady. CS2 is still a PowerMac binary application, and runs under Rosetta on Intel Macs, which limits its performance.

Photoshop CS3

Part of Creative Suite 3, this is the first Photoshop application to run Intel native code, for substantial speed gains over the previous version on Intel Macintoshes. Requires a minimum of Mac OS X 10.4.