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The Address Book is an address book application provided by Apple with Mac OS X. It is a central repository for contact information, integrated with other OS X software like Mail, iChat and .Mac.


Address Book contains these features as of Mac OS X 10.4.3:

  • Full VCard 3.0 Support
  • Smart groups (similar to iTunes)
  • Integrated Spotlight searching
  • iCal integration for birthdays
  • Mail integration to email contacts
  • iChat integration to populate a buddy list
  • MapQuest address mapping
  • Bluetooth integration for syncing addresses
  • International address/phone number formatting
  • Synchronize contacts with .Mac
  • Synchronize contacts with a Microsoft Exchange server
  • Address book sharing over .Mac
  • LDAP directory server support (includes Mac OS X Server Open Directory support)
  • SMS message support with a Bluetooth phone
  • Cell phone auto-dialing support
  • Large Type for phone numbers displays numbers on screen readable from across the room
  • iSight support for taking contact pictures
  • Add any image as a contact picture
  • "Send Updates" feature allows you to email a group of contacts when your information changes
  • Advanced printing features - print mailing labels, envelopes, contact lists, and a pocket address book directly from Address Book