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Abandonware is computer software which is no longer being sold or supported by its copyright holder. Sometimes, it is used as a blanket category for any software over a certain age, usually five years. The term has no legal meaning. This means that labeling any kind of software 'abandonware' does not make it legal to distribute it. Unless the author puts the software in the public domain, any and all abandonware remains covered under copyright law until its copyright term expires. -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This guide will only focus on Abandonware for which the source code has legally been made available to the public domain.

Game Genre Release date Score Download Notes Forum Thread
Freespace 2 Space Simulation, Action 1999 Image:Bluestar.gifImage:Bluestar.gifImage:Bluestar.gifImage:Bluestar.gifImage:Bluestarhalf.gif Link Link
Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters Simulation, Strategy, Action 1992 Image:Bluestar.gifImage:Bluestar.gifImage:Bluestar.gifImage:Bluestar.gif Link Link

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